Version 2
[badge.git] / badgev2 / badge_mil.sch
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE eagle SYSTEM "eagle.dtd">
3 <eagle version="7.1.0">
4 <drawing>
5 <settings>
6 <setting alwaysvectorfont="no"/>
7 <setting verticaltext="up"/>
8 </settings>
9 <grid distance="0.1" unitdist="inch" unit="inch" style="lines" multiple="1" display="no" altdistance="0.01" altunitdist="inch" altunit="inch"/>
10 <layers>
11 <layer number="1" name="Top" color="4" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
12 <layer number="16" name="Bottom" color="1" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
13 <layer number="17" name="Pads" color="2" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
14 <layer number="18" name="Vias" color="2" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
15 <layer number="19" name="Unrouted" color="6" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
16 <layer number="20" name="Dimension" color="15" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
17 <layer number="21" name="tPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
18 <layer number="22" name="bPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
19 <layer number="23" name="tOrigins" color="15" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
20 <layer number="24" name="bOrigins" color="15" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
21 <layer number="25" name="tNames" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
22 <layer number="26" name="bNames" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
23 <layer number="27" name="tValues" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
24 <layer number="28" name="bValues" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
25 <layer number="29" name="tStop" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
26 <layer number="30" name="bStop" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
27 <layer number="31" name="tCream" color="7" fill="4" visible="no" active="no"/>
28 <layer number="32" name="bCream" color="7" fill="5" visible="no" active="no"/>
29 <layer number="33" name="tFinish" color="6" fill="3" visible="no" active="no"/>
30 <layer number="34" name="bFinish" color="6" fill="6" visible="no" active="no"/>
31 <layer number="35" name="tGlue" color="7" fill="4" visible="no" active="no"/>
32 <layer number="36" name="bGlue" color="7" fill="5" visible="no" active="no"/>
33 <layer number="37" name="tTest" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
34 <layer number="38" name="bTest" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
35 <layer number="39" name="tKeepout" color="4" fill="11" visible="no" active="no"/>
36 <layer number="40" name="bKeepout" color="1" fill="11" visible="no" active="no"/>
37 <layer number="41" name="tRestrict" color="4" fill="10" visible="no" active="no"/>
38 <layer number="42" name="bRestrict" color="1" fill="10" visible="no" active="no"/>
39 <layer number="43" name="vRestrict" color="2" fill="10" visible="no" active="no"/>
40 <layer number="44" name="Drills" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
41 <layer number="45" name="Holes" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
42 <layer number="46" name="Milling" color="3" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
43 <layer number="47" name="Measures" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
44 <layer number="48" name="Document" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
45 <layer number="49" name="Reference" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
46 <layer number="50" name="dxf" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
47 <layer number="51" name="tDocu" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
48 <layer number="52" name="bDocu" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
49 <layer number="53" name="tGND_GNDA" color="7" fill="9" visible="no" active="no"/>
50 <layer number="54" name="bGND_GNDA" color="1" fill="9" visible="no" active="no"/>
51 <layer number="56" name="wert" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
52 <layer number="57" name="tCAD" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
53 <layer number="90" name="Modules" color="5" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
54 <layer number="91" name="Nets" color="2" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
55 <layer number="92" name="Busses" color="1" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
56 <layer number="93" name="Pins" color="2" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
57 <layer number="94" name="Symbols" color="4" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
58 <layer number="95" name="Names" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
59 <layer number="96" name="Values" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
60 <layer number="97" name="Info" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
61 <layer number="98" name="Guide" color="6" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
62 <layer number="99" name="SpiceOrder" color="5" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
63 <layer number="100" name="Muster" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
64 <layer number="101" name="Patch_Top" color="12" fill="4" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
65 <layer number="102" name="Vscore" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
66 <layer number="103" name="tMap" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
67 <layer number="104" name="Name" color="16" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
68 <layer number="105" name="tPlate" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
69 <layer number="106" name="bPlate" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
70 <layer number="107" name="Crop" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
71 <layer number="108" name="tplace-old" color="10" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
72 <layer number="109" name="ref-old" color="11" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
73 <layer number="110" name="fp0" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
74 <layer number="111" name="LPC17xx" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
75 <layer number="112" name="tSilk" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
76 <layer number="113" name="IDFDebug" color="4" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
77 <layer number="116" name="Patch_BOT" color="9" fill="4" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
78 <layer number="121" name="_tsilk" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
79 <layer number="122" name="_bsilk" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
80 <layer number="123" name="tTestmark" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
81 <layer number="124" name="bTestmark" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
82 <layer number="125" name="_tNames" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
83 <layer number="126" name="_bNames" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
84 <layer number="127" name="_tValues" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
85 <layer number="128" name="_bValues" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
86 <layer number="131" name="tAdjust" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
87 <layer number="132" name="bAdjust" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
88 <layer number="144" name="Drill_legend" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
89 <layer number="150" name="Notes" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
90 <layer number="151" name="HeatSink" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
91 <layer number="152" name="_bDocu" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
92 <layer number="153" name="FabDoc1" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
93 <layer number="154" name="FabDoc2" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
94 <layer number="155" name="FabDoc3" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
95 <layer number="199" name="Contour" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
96 <layer number="200" name="200bmp" color="1" fill="10" visible="no" active="no"/>
97 <layer number="201" name="201bmp" color="2" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
98 <layer number="202" name="202bmp" color="3" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
99 <layer number="203" name="203bmp" color="4" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
100 <layer number="204" name="204bmp" color="5" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
101 <layer number="205" name="205bmp" color="6" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
102 <layer number="206" name="206bmp" color="7" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
103 <layer number="207" name="207bmp" color="8" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
104 <layer number="208" name="208bmp" color="9" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
105 <layer number="209" name="209bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
106 <layer number="210" name="210bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
107 <layer number="211" name="211bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
108 <layer number="212" name="212bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
109 <layer number="213" name="213bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
110 <layer number="214" name="214bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
111 <layer number="215" name="215bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
112 <layer number="216" name="216bmp" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
113 <layer number="217" name="217bmp" color="18" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
114 <layer number="218" name="218bmp" color="19" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
115 <layer number="219" name="219bmp" color="20" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
116 <layer number="220" name="220bmp" color="21" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
117 <layer number="221" name="221bmp" color="22" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
118 <layer number="222" name="222bmp" color="23" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
119 <layer number="223" name="223bmp" color="24" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
120 <layer number="224" name="224bmp" color="25" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
121 <layer number="248" name="Housing" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
122 <layer number="249" name="Edge" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
123 <layer number="250" name="Descript" color="3" fill="1" visible="no" active="no"/>
124 <layer number="251" name="SMDround" color="12" fill="11" visible="no" active="no"/>
125 <layer number="254" name="cooling" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
126 <layer number="255" name="routoute" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
127 </layers>
128 <schematic xreflabel="%F%N/%S.%C%R" xrefpart="/%S.%C%R">
129 <libraries>
130 <library name="avr-6">
131 <description>&lt;b&gt;AVR Devices&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
132 Version 5 - November 25, 2008.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;
133 Added ATmega164P/324P/644P devices for DIP and TQFP.
134 &lt;p&gt;
135 Version 4 - March 11, 2008.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;
136 This library now includes ONLY ATMEL AVR microcontrollers.  It is the result of merging all other available device libraries available at as of the time it was made.  In addition to the legacy AT90* devices, it includes most ATMEGA devices including the new 48/88/168, most ATTiny devices and a set of ISP and JTAG pin headers.&lt;p&gt;
137 Based on the following sources:&lt;p&gt;
138 &lt;ul&gt;
139 &lt;li&gt;
140 &lt;li&gt; file
141 &lt;li&gt;avr.lbr and atmel.lbr as provided by CadSoft
142 &lt;li&gt;avr-1.lbr by David Blundell
143 &lt;li&gt;avr-2.lbr by Boris Zalokar
144 &lt;li&gt;avr-3.lbr by Carson Reynolds
145 &lt;li&gt;attiny24_44_84.lbr by Pawel Szramowski (ATTiny24/44/84 devices)
146 &lt;li&gt;atmel.lbr by Bob Starr (ISP headers)
147 &lt;li&gt;moates_custom_parts.lbr (edge ISP)
148 &lt;li&gt;other misc sources
149 &lt;/ul&gt;
150 &lt;author&gt;Revised by David Blundell (blundar at gmail dot com) and others.&lt;/author&gt;
151 &lt;p&gt;
152 &lt;author&gt;Added Mega162, Tiny2313 John Lussmyer (cougar at;/author&gt;</description>
153 <packages>
154 <package name="DIL20">
155 <description>&lt;B&gt;Dual In Line&lt;/B&gt;</description>
156 <wire x1="-13.208" y1="-0.635" x2="-13.208" y2="-2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
157 <wire x1="-13.208" y1="-0.635" x2="-13.208" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="180"/>
158 <wire x1="13.208" y1="-2.794" x2="13.208" y2="2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
159 <wire x1="13.208" y1="-2.794" x2="-13.208" y2="-2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
160 <wire x1="-13.208" y1="2.794" x2="-13.208" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
161 <wire x1="-13.208" y1="2.794" x2="13.208" y2="2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
162 <pad name="1" x="-11.43" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
163 <pad name="2" x="-8.89" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
164 <pad name="3" x="-6.35" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
165 <pad name="4" x="-3.81" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
166 <pad name="5" x="-1.27" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
167 <pad name="6" x="1.27" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
168 <pad name="7" x="3.81" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
169 <pad name="8" x="6.35" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
170 <pad name="9" x="8.89" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
171 <pad name="10" x="11.43" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
172 <pad name="11" x="11.43" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
173 <pad name="12" x="8.89" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
174 <pad name="13" x="6.35" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
175 <pad name="14" x="3.81" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
176 <pad name="15" x="1.27" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
177 <pad name="16" x="-1.27" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
178 <pad name="17" x="-3.81" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
179 <pad name="18" x="-6.35" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
180 <pad name="19" x="-8.89" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
181 <pad name="20" x="-11.43" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
182 <text x="-13.5128" y="-2.54" size="1.778" layer="25" ratio="10" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
183 <text x="-10.16" y="-0.762" size="1.778" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
184 </package>
185 <package name="SO20L$">
186 <description>&lt;b&gt;Small Outline Package&lt;/b&gt;, large</description>
187 <wire x1="-6.274" y1="-3.696" x2="6.274" y2="-3.696" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
188 <wire x1="6.274" y1="-3.696" x2="6.274" y2="3.645" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
189 <wire x1="6.274" y1="3.645" x2="-6.274" y2="3.645" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
190 <wire x1="-6.274" y1="3.645" x2="-6.274" y2="-3.696" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
191 <circle x="-5.3848" y="-2.7813" radius="0.5334" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
192 <smd name="1" x="-5.715" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
193 <smd name="2" x="-4.445" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
194 <smd name="3" x="-3.175" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
195 <smd name="4" x="-1.905" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
196 <smd name="5" x="-0.635" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
197 <smd name="6" x="0.635" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
198 <smd name="7" x="1.905" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
199 <smd name="8" x="3.175" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
200 <smd name="9" x="4.445" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
201 <smd name="10" x="5.715" y="-4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
202 <smd name="12" x="4.445" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
203 <smd name="11" x="5.715" y="4.6101" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
204 <smd name="13" x="3.175" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
205 <smd name="14" x="1.905" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
206 <smd name="15" x="0.635" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
207 <smd name="16" x="-0.635" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
208 <smd name="17" x="-1.905" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
209 <smd name="18" x="-3.175" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
210 <smd name="19" x="-4.445" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
211 <smd name="20" x="-5.715" y="4.6355" dx="0.6096" dy="2.2098" layer="1"/>
212 <text x="-6.6929" y="-3.302" size="1.778" layer="25" ratio="10" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
213 <text x="-5.08" y="-1.1811" size="1.778" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
214 <rectangle x1="5.5118" y1="3.6957" x2="5.9182" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
215 <rectangle x1="4.2418" y1="3.6957" x2="4.6482" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
216 <rectangle x1="2.9718" y1="3.6957" x2="3.3782" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
217 <rectangle x1="1.7018" y1="3.6957" x2="2.1082" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
218 <rectangle x1="0.4318" y1="3.6957" x2="0.8382" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
219 <rectangle x1="-0.8382" y1="3.6957" x2="-0.4318" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
220 <rectangle x1="-2.1082" y1="3.6957" x2="-1.7018" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
221 <rectangle x1="-3.3782" y1="3.6957" x2="-2.9718" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
222 <rectangle x1="-4.6482" y1="3.6957" x2="-4.2418" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
223 <rectangle x1="-5.9182" y1="3.6957" x2="-5.5118" y2="5.0165" layer="51"/>
224 <rectangle x1="5.5118" y1="-5.0673" x2="5.9182" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
225 <rectangle x1="4.2418" y1="-5.0673" x2="4.6482" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
226 <rectangle x1="2.9718" y1="-5.0673" x2="3.3782" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
227 <rectangle x1="1.7018" y1="-5.0673" x2="2.1082" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
228 <rectangle x1="0.4318" y1="-5.0673" x2="0.8382" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
229 <rectangle x1="-0.8382" y1="-5.0673" x2="-0.4318" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
230 <rectangle x1="-2.1082" y1="-5.0673" x2="-1.7018" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
231 <rectangle x1="-3.3782" y1="-5.0673" x2="-2.9718" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
232 <rectangle x1="-4.6482" y1="-5.0673" x2="-4.2418" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
233 <rectangle x1="-5.9182" y1="-5.0673" x2="-5.5118" y2="-3.7465" layer="51"/>
234 </package>
235 <package name="MLF20">
236 <description>&lt;b&gt;HP-VFQFP-N20&lt;/b&gt; Micro Lead Frame package (MLF)</description>
237 <wire x1="-2" y1="2" x2="2" y2="2" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
238 <wire x1="2" y1="-2" x2="-2" y2="-2" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
239 <wire x1="-2" y1="2" x2="-2" y2="-2" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
240 <wire x1="2" y1="2" x2="2" y2="-2" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
241 <circle x="-1.5" y="1.5" radius="0.1" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
242 <smd name="P$1" x="-2" y="1" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
243 <smd name="P$2" x="-2" y="0.5" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
244 <smd name="P$3" x="-2" y="0" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
245 <smd name="P$4" x="-2" y="-0.5" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
246 <smd name="P$5" x="-2" y="-1" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
247 <smd name="P$6" x="-1" y="-2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
248 <smd name="P$7" x="-0.5" y="-2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
249 <smd name="P$8" x="0" y="-2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
250 <smd name="P$9" x="0.5" y="-2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
251 <smd name="P$10" x="1" y="-2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
252 <smd name="P$11" x="2" y="-1" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
253 <smd name="P$12" x="2" y="-0.5" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
254 <smd name="P$13" x="2" y="0" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
255 <smd name="P$14" x="2" y="0.5" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
256 <smd name="P$15" x="2" y="1" dx="0.8" dy="0.23" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
257 <smd name="P$16" x="1" y="2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
258 <smd name="P$17" x="0.5" y="2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
259 <smd name="P$18" x="0" y="2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
260 <smd name="P$19" x="-0.5" y="2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
261 <smd name="P$20" x="-1" y="2" dx="0.23" dy="0.8" layer="1" roundness="75"/>
262 <text x="-2.54" y="3.175" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
263 <text x="-2.54" y="-4.445" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
264 <rectangle x1="-1.3" y1="-1.3" x2="1.3" y2="1.3" layer="1"/>
265 </package>
266 </packages>
267 <symbols>
268 <symbol name="18-I/O-1">
269 <wire x1="-15.24" y1="20.32" x2="12.7" y2="20.32" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
270 <wire x1="12.7" y1="20.32" x2="12.7" y2="-30.48" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
271 <wire x1="12.7" y1="-30.48" x2="-15.24" y2="-30.48" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
272 <wire x1="-15.24" y1="-30.48" x2="-15.24" y2="20.32" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
273 <text x="-15.24" y="-33.02" size="1.778" layer="96">&gt;VALUE</text>
274 <text x="-15.24" y="21.082" size="1.778" layer="95">&gt;NAME</text>
275 <pin name="(MOSI)PB5" x="17.78" y="10.16" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
276 <pin name="(OC1B)PB4" x="17.78" y="7.62" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
277 <pin name="(OC1A)PB3" x="17.78" y="5.08" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
278 <pin name="(OC0A)PB2" x="17.78" y="2.54" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
279 <pin name="(AIN1)PB1" x="17.78" y="0" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
280 <pin name="(AIN0)PB0" x="17.78" y="-2.54" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
281 <pin name="(ICP)PD6" x="17.78" y="-12.7" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
282 <pin name="(T1)PD5" x="17.78" y="-15.24" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
283 <pin name="(T0)PD4" x="17.78" y="-17.78" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
284 <pin name="(INT1)PD3" x="17.78" y="-20.32" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
285 <pin name="(INT0)PD2" x="17.78" y="-22.86" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
286 <pin name="(TXD)PD1" x="17.78" y="-25.4" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
287 <pin name="(RXD)PD0" x="17.78" y="-27.94" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
288 <pin name="GND" x="-20.32" y="-27.94" length="middle" direction="pwr"/>
289 <pin name="VCC" x="-20.32" y="-20.32" length="middle" direction="pwr"/>
290 <pin name="PA0(XTAL1)" x="-20.32" y="-10.16" length="middle"/>
291 <pin name="PA1(XTAL2)" x="-20.32" y="-5.08" length="middle"/>
292 <pin name="PA2(/RESET)" x="-20.32" y="17.78" length="middle" direction="in" function="dot"/>
293 <pin name="(MISO)PB6" x="17.78" y="12.7" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
294 <pin name="(UCSK)PB7" x="17.78" y="15.24" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
295 </symbol>
296 </symbols>
297 <devicesets>
298 <deviceset name="TINY2313*" prefix="U">
299 <description>Atmel Tiny2313
300 2K Flash, 128 bytes EEPROM, 128 bytes RAM</description>
301 <gates>
302 <gate name="G$1" symbol="18-I/O-1" x="0" y="5.08"/>
303 </gates>
304 <devices>
305 <device name="-*P*" package="DIL20">
306 <connects>
307 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(AIN0)PB0" pad="12"/>
308 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(AIN1)PB1" pad="13"/>
309 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(ICP)PD6" pad="11"/>
310 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(INT0)PD2" pad="6"/>
311 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(INT1)PD3" pad="7"/>
312 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(MISO)PB6" pad="18"/>
313 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(MOSI)PB5" pad="17"/>
314 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC0A)PB2" pad="14"/>
315 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC1A)PB3" pad="15"/>
316 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC1B)PB4" pad="16"/>
317 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(RXD)PD0" pad="2"/>
318 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(T0)PD4" pad="8"/>
319 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(T1)PD5" pad="9"/>
320 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(TXD)PD1" pad="3"/>
321 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(UCSK)PB7" pad="19"/>
322 <connect gate="G$1" pin="GND" pad="10"/>
323 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA0(XTAL1)" pad="5"/>
324 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA1(XTAL2)" pad="4"/>
325 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA2(/RESET)" pad="1"/>
326 <connect gate="G$1" pin="VCC" pad="20"/>
327 </connects>
328 <technologies>
329 <technology name=""/>
330 </technologies>
331 </device>
332 <device name="-*S*" package="SO20L$">
333 <connects>
334 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(AIN0)PB0" pad="12"/>
335 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(AIN1)PB1" pad="13"/>
336 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(ICP)PD6" pad="11"/>
337 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(INT0)PD2" pad="6"/>
338 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(INT1)PD3" pad="7"/>
339 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(MISO)PB6" pad="18"/>
340 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(MOSI)PB5" pad="17"/>
341 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC0A)PB2" pad="14"/>
342 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC1A)PB3" pad="15"/>
343 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC1B)PB4" pad="16"/>
344 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(RXD)PD0" pad="2"/>
345 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(T0)PD4" pad="8"/>
346 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(T1)PD5" pad="9"/>
347 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(TXD)PD1" pad="3"/>
348 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(UCSK)PB7" pad="19"/>
349 <connect gate="G$1" pin="GND" pad="10"/>
350 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA0(XTAL1)" pad="5"/>
351 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA1(XTAL2)" pad="4"/>
352 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA2(/RESET)" pad="1"/>
353 <connect gate="G$1" pin="VCC" pad="20"/>
354 </connects>
355 <technologies>
356 <technology name=""/>
357 </technologies>
358 </device>
359 <device name="-*M*" package="MLF20">
360 <connects>
361 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(AIN0)PB0" pad="P$10"/>
362 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(AIN1)PB1" pad="P$11"/>
363 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(ICP)PD6" pad="P$9"/>
364 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(INT0)PD2" pad="P$4"/>
365 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(INT1)PD3" pad="P$5"/>
366 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(MISO)PB6" pad="P$16"/>
367 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(MOSI)PB5" pad="P$15"/>
368 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC0A)PB2" pad="P$12"/>
369 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC1A)PB3" pad="P$13"/>
370 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(OC1B)PB4" pad="P$14"/>
371 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(RXD)PD0" pad="P$20"/>
372 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(T0)PD4" pad="P$6"/>
373 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(T1)PD5" pad="P$7"/>
374 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(TXD)PD1" pad="P$1"/>
375 <connect gate="G$1" pin="(UCSK)PB7" pad="P$17"/>
376 <connect gate="G$1" pin="GND" pad="P$8"/>
377 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA0(XTAL1)" pad="P$3"/>
378 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA1(XTAL2)" pad="P$2"/>
379 <connect gate="G$1" pin="PA2(/RESET)" pad="P$19"/>
380 <connect gate="G$1" pin="VCC" pad="P$18"/>
381 </connects>
382 <technologies>
383 <technology name=""/>
384 </technologies>
385 </device>
386 </devices>
387 </deviceset>
388 </devicesets>
389 </library>
390 <library name="resistor">
391 <description>&lt;b&gt;Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
392 Based on the previous libraries:
393 &lt;ul&gt;
394 &lt;li&gt;r.lbr
395 &lt;li&gt;cap.lbr 
396 &lt;li&gt;cap-fe.lbr
397 &lt;li&gt;captant.lbr
398 &lt;li&gt;polcap.lbr
399 &lt;li&gt;ipc-smd.lbr
400 &lt;/ul&gt;
401 All SMD packages are defined according to the IPC specifications and  CECC&lt;p&gt;
402 &lt;author&gt;Created by;/author&gt;&lt;p&gt;
403 &lt;p&gt;
404 for Electrolyt Capacitors see also :&lt;p&gt;
405 &lt;p&gt;
408 &lt;p&gt;
409 for trimmer refence see : &lt;u&gt;;/u&gt;&lt;p&gt;
411 &lt;map name="nav_main"&gt;
412 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="0,1,140,23" href="../military_specs.asp" title=""&gt;
413 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="0,24,140,51" href="../about.asp" title=""&gt;
414 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="1,52,140,77" href="../rfq.asp" title=""&gt;
415 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="0,78,139,103" href="../products.asp" title=""&gt;
416 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="1,102,138,128" href="../excess_inventory.asp" title=""&gt;
417 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="1,129,138,150" href="../edge.asp" title=""&gt;
418 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="1,151,139,178" href="../industry_links.asp" title=""&gt;
419 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="0,179,139,201" href="../comments.asp" title=""&gt;
420 &lt;area shape="rect" coords="1,203,138,231" href="../directory.asp" title=""&gt;
421 &lt;area shape="default" nohref&gt;
422 &lt;/map&gt;
424 &lt;html&gt;
426 &lt;title&gt;&lt;/title&gt;
428  &lt;LINK REL="StyleSheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="style-sheet.css"&gt;
430 &lt;body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0"&gt;
431 &lt;table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width="100%" cellpaddding=0 height="55%"&gt;
432 &lt;tr valign="top"&gt;
434 &lt;/td&gt;
435 &lt;! &lt;td width="10"&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/td&gt;
436 &lt;td width="90%"&gt;
438 &lt;b&gt;&lt;font color="#0000FF" size="4"&gt;TRIM-POT CROSS REFERENCE&lt;/font&gt;&lt;/b&gt;
439 &lt;P&gt;
441   &lt;TR&gt;
442     &lt;TD COLSPAN=8&gt;
443       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;RECTANGULAR MULTI-TURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
444     &lt;/TD&gt;
445   &lt;/TR&gt;
446   &lt;TR&gt;
447     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
448       &lt;B&gt;
449       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;BOURNS&lt;/FONT&gt;
450       &lt;/B&gt;
451     &lt;/TD&gt;
452     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
453       &lt;B&gt;
454       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;BI&amp;nbsp;TECH&lt;/FONT&gt;
455       &lt;/B&gt;
456     &lt;/TD&gt;
457     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
458       &lt;B&gt;
459       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;DALE-VISHAY&lt;/FONT&gt;
460       &lt;/B&gt;
461     &lt;/TD&gt;
462     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
463       &lt;B&gt;
464       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;PHILIPS/MEPCO&lt;/FONT&gt;
465       &lt;/B&gt;
466     &lt;/TD&gt;
467     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
468       &lt;B&gt;
469       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;MURATA&lt;/FONT&gt;
470       &lt;/B&gt;
471     &lt;/TD&gt;
472     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
473       &lt;B&gt;
474       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;PANASONIC&lt;/FONT&gt;
475       &lt;/B&gt;
476     &lt;/TD&gt;
477     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
478       &lt;B&gt;
479       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;SPECTROL&lt;/FONT&gt;
480       &lt;/B&gt;
481     &lt;/TD&gt;
482     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
483       &lt;B&gt;
484       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000"&gt;MILSPEC&lt;/FONT&gt;
485       &lt;/B&gt;
486     &lt;/TD&gt;&lt;TD&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/TD&gt;
487   &lt;/TR&gt;
488   &lt;TR&gt;
489     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3 &gt;
490       3005P&lt;BR&gt;
491       3006P&lt;BR&gt;
492       3006W&lt;BR&gt;
493       3006Y&lt;BR&gt;
494       3009P&lt;BR&gt;
495       3009W&lt;BR&gt;
496       3009Y&lt;BR&gt;
497       3057J&lt;BR&gt;
498       3057L&lt;BR&gt;
499       3057P&lt;BR&gt;
500       3057Y&lt;BR&gt;
501       3059J&lt;BR&gt;
502       3059L&lt;BR&gt;
503       3059P&lt;BR&gt;
504       3059Y&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
505     &lt;/TD&gt;
506     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
507       -&lt;BR&gt;
508       89P&lt;BR&gt;
509       89W&lt;BR&gt;
510       89X&lt;BR&gt;
511       89PH&lt;BR&gt;
512       76P&lt;BR&gt;
513       89XH&lt;BR&gt;
514       78SLT&lt;BR&gt;
515       78L&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
516       56P&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
517       78P&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
518       T8S&lt;BR&gt;
519       78L&lt;BR&gt;
520       56P&lt;BR&gt;
521       78P&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
522     &lt;/TD&gt;
523     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
524       -&lt;BR&gt;
525       T18/784&lt;BR&gt;
526       783&lt;BR&gt;
527       781&lt;BR&gt;
528       -&lt;BR&gt;
529       -&lt;BR&gt;
530       -&lt;BR&gt;
531       2199&lt;BR&gt;
532       1697/1897&lt;BR&gt;
533       1680/1880&lt;BR&gt;
534       2187&lt;BR&gt;
535       -&lt;BR&gt;
536       -&lt;BR&gt;
537       -&lt;BR&gt;
538       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
539     &lt;/TD&gt;
540     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
541       -&lt;BR&gt;
542       8035EKP/CT20/RJ-20P&lt;BR&gt;
543       -&lt;BR&gt;
544       RJ-20X&lt;BR&gt;
545       -&lt;BR&gt;
546       -&lt;BR&gt;
547       -&lt;BR&gt;
548       1211L&lt;BR&gt;
549       8012EKQ&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
550       8012EKR&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
551       1211P&lt;BR&gt;
552       8012EKJ&lt;BR&gt;
553       8012EKL&lt;BR&gt;
554       8012EKQ&lt;BR&gt;
555       8012EKR&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
556     &lt;/TD&gt;
557     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
558       -&lt;BR&gt;
559       2101P&lt;BR&gt;
560       2101W&lt;BR&gt;
561       2101Y&lt;BR&gt;
562       -&lt;BR&gt;
563       -&lt;BR&gt;
564       -&lt;BR&gt;
565       -&lt;BR&gt;
566       -&lt;BR&gt;
567       -&lt;BR&gt;
568       -&lt;BR&gt;
569       -&lt;BR&gt;
570       2102L&lt;BR&gt;
571       2102S&lt;BR&gt;
572       2102Y&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
573     &lt;/TD&gt;
574     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
575       -&lt;BR&gt;
576       EVMCOG&lt;BR&gt;
577       -&lt;BR&gt;
578       -&lt;BR&gt;
579       -&lt;BR&gt;
580       -&lt;BR&gt;
581       -&lt;BR&gt;
582       -&lt;BR&gt;
583       -&lt;BR&gt;
584       -&lt;BR&gt;
585       -&lt;BR&gt;
586       -&lt;BR&gt;
587       -&lt;BR&gt;
588       -&lt;BR&gt;
589       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
590     &lt;/TD&gt;
591     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
592       -&lt;BR&gt;
593       43P&lt;BR&gt;
594       43W&lt;BR&gt;
595       43Y&lt;BR&gt;
596       -&lt;BR&gt;
597       -&lt;BR&gt;
598       -&lt;BR&gt;
599       -&lt;BR&gt;
600       40L&lt;BR&gt;
601       40P&lt;BR&gt;
602       40Y&lt;BR&gt;
603       70Y-T602&lt;BR&gt;
604       70L&lt;BR&gt;
605       70P&lt;BR&gt;
606       70Y&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
607     &lt;/TD&gt;
608     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
609       -&lt;BR&gt;
610       -&lt;BR&gt;
611       -&lt;BR&gt;
612       -&lt;BR&gt;
613       -&lt;BR&gt;
614       -&lt;BR&gt;
615       -&lt;BR&gt;
616       -&lt;BR&gt;
617       RT/RTR12&lt;BR&gt;
618       RT/RTR12&lt;BR&gt;
619       RT/RTR12&lt;BR&gt;
620       -&lt;BR&gt;
621       RJ/RJR12&lt;BR&gt;
622       RJ/RJR12&lt;BR&gt;
623       RJ/RJR12&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
624     &lt;/TD&gt;
625   &lt;/TR&gt;
626   &lt;TR&gt;
627     &lt;TD COLSPAN=8&gt;&amp;nbsp;
628     &lt;/TD&gt;
629   &lt;/TR&gt;
630   &lt;TR&gt;
631     &lt;TD COLSPAN=8&gt;
632       &lt;FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;SQUARE MULTI-TURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
633     &lt;/TD&gt;
634   &lt;/TR&gt;
635   &lt;TR&gt;
636    &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
637       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BOURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
638     &lt;/TD&gt;
639     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
640       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BI&amp;nbsp;TECH&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
641     &lt;/TD&gt;
642     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
643       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;DALE-VISHAY&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
644     &lt;/TD&gt;
645     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
646       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PHILIPS/MEPCO&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
647     &lt;/TD&gt;
648     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
649       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;MURATA&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
650     &lt;/TD&gt;
651     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
652       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PANASONIC&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
653     &lt;/TD&gt;
654     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
655       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;SPECTROL&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
656     &lt;/TD&gt;
657     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
658       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;MILSPEC&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
659     &lt;/TD&gt;
660   &lt;/TR&gt;
661   &lt;TR&gt;
662     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
663       3250L&lt;BR&gt;
664       3250P&lt;BR&gt;
665       3250W&lt;BR&gt;
666       3250X&lt;BR&gt;
667       3252P&lt;BR&gt;
668       3252W&lt;BR&gt;
669       3252X&lt;BR&gt;
670       3260P&lt;BR&gt;
671       3260W&lt;BR&gt;
672       3260X&lt;BR&gt;
673       3262P&lt;BR&gt;
674       3262W&lt;BR&gt;
675       3262X&lt;BR&gt;
676       3266P&lt;BR&gt;
677       3266W&lt;BR&gt;
678       3266X&lt;BR&gt;
679       3290H&lt;BR&gt;
680       3290P&lt;BR&gt;
681       3290W&lt;BR&gt;
682       3292P&lt;BR&gt;
683       3292W&lt;BR&gt;
684       3292X&lt;BR&gt;
685       3296P&lt;BR&gt;
686       3296W&lt;BR&gt;
687       3296X&lt;BR&gt;
688       3296Y&lt;BR&gt;
689       3296Z&lt;BR&gt;
690       3299P&lt;BR&gt;
691       3299W&lt;BR&gt;
692       3299X&lt;BR&gt;
693       3299Y&lt;BR&gt;
694       3299Z&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
695     &lt;/TD&gt;
696     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
697       -&lt;BR&gt;
698       66P&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
699       66W&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
700       66X&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
701       66P&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
702       66W&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
703       66X&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
704       -&lt;BR&gt;
705       64W&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
706       -&lt;BR&gt;
707       64P&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
708       64W&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
709       64X&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
710       64P&lt;BR&gt;
711       64W&lt;BR&gt;
712       64X&lt;BR&gt;
713       66X&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
714       66P&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
715       66W&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
716       66P&lt;BR&gt;
717       66W&lt;BR&gt;
718       66X&lt;BR&gt;
719       67P&lt;BR&gt;
720       67W&lt;BR&gt;
721       67X&lt;BR&gt;
722       67Y&lt;BR&gt;
723       67Z&lt;BR&gt;
724       68P&lt;BR&gt;
725       68W&lt;BR&gt;
726       68X&lt;BR&gt;
727       67Y&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;
728       67Z&amp;nbsp;ALT&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
729     &lt;/TD&gt;
730     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
731       5050&lt;BR&gt;
732       5091&lt;BR&gt;
733       5080&lt;BR&gt;
734       5087&lt;BR&gt;
735       -&lt;BR&gt;
736       -&lt;BR&gt;
737       -&lt;BR&gt;
738       -&lt;BR&gt;
739       -&lt;BR&gt;
740       -&lt;BR&gt;
741       -&lt;BR&gt;
742       T63YB&lt;BR&gt;
743       T63XB&lt;BR&gt;
744       -&lt;BR&gt;
745       -&lt;BR&gt;
746       -&lt;BR&gt;
747       5887&lt;BR&gt;
748       5891&lt;BR&gt;
749       5880&lt;BR&gt;
750       -&lt;BR&gt;
751       -&lt;BR&gt;
752       -&lt;BR&gt;
753       T93Z&lt;BR&gt;
754       T93YA&lt;BR&gt;
755       T93XA&lt;BR&gt;
756       T93YB&lt;BR&gt;
757       T93XB&lt;BR&gt;
758       -&lt;BR&gt;
759       -&lt;BR&gt;
760       -&lt;BR&gt;
761       -&lt;BR&gt;
762       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
763     &lt;/TD&gt;
764     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
765       -&lt;BR&gt;
766       -&lt;BR&gt;
767       -&lt;BR&gt;
768       -&lt;BR&gt;
769       -&lt;BR&gt;
770       -&lt;BR&gt;
771       -&lt;BR&gt;
772       -&lt;BR&gt;
773       -&lt;BR&gt;
774       -&lt;BR&gt;
775       8026EKP&lt;BR&gt;
776       8026EKW&lt;BR&gt;
777       8026EKM&lt;BR&gt;
778       8026EKP&lt;BR&gt;
779       8026EKB&lt;BR&gt;
780       8026EKM&lt;BR&gt;
781       1309X&lt;BR&gt;
782       1309P&lt;BR&gt;
783       1309W&lt;BR&gt;
784       8024EKP&lt;BR&gt;
785       8024EKW&lt;BR&gt;
786       8024EKN&lt;BR&gt;
787       RJ-9P/CT9P&lt;BR&gt;
788       RJ-9W&lt;BR&gt;
789       RJ-9X&lt;BR&gt;
790       -&lt;BR&gt;
791       -&lt;BR&gt;
792       -&lt;BR&gt;
793       -&lt;BR&gt;
794       -&lt;BR&gt;
795       -&lt;BR&gt;
796       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
797     &lt;/TD&gt;
798     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
799       -&lt;BR&gt;
800       -&lt;BR&gt;
801       -&lt;BR&gt;
802       -&lt;BR&gt;
803       -&lt;BR&gt;
804       -&lt;BR&gt;
805       -&lt;BR&gt;
806       -&lt;BR&gt;
807       -&lt;BR&gt;
808       -&lt;BR&gt;
809       3103P&lt;BR&gt;
810       3103Y&lt;BR&gt;
811       3103Z&lt;BR&gt;
812       3103P&lt;BR&gt;
813       3103Y&lt;BR&gt;
814       3103Z&lt;BR&gt;
815       -&lt;BR&gt;
816       -&lt;BR&gt;
817       -&lt;BR&gt;
818       -&lt;BR&gt;
819       -&lt;BR&gt;
820       -&lt;BR&gt;
821       3105P/3106P&lt;BR&gt;
822       3105W/3106W&lt;BR&gt;
823       3105X/3106X&lt;BR&gt;
824       3105Y/3106Y&lt;BR&gt;
825       3105Z/3105Z&lt;BR&gt;
826       3102P&lt;BR&gt;
827       3102W&lt;BR&gt;
828       3102X&lt;BR&gt;
829       3102Y&lt;BR&gt;
830       3102Z&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
831     &lt;/TD&gt;
832     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
833       -&lt;BR&gt;
834       -&lt;BR&gt;
835       -&lt;BR&gt;
836       -&lt;BR&gt;
837       -&lt;BR&gt;
838       -&lt;BR&gt;
839       -&lt;BR&gt;
840       -&lt;BR&gt;
841       -&lt;BR&gt;
842       -&lt;BR&gt;
843       -&lt;BR&gt;
844       -&lt;BR&gt;
845       -&lt;BR&gt;
846       -&lt;BR&gt;
847       -&lt;BR&gt;
848       -&lt;BR&gt;
849       -&lt;BR&gt;
850       -&lt;BR&gt;
851       -&lt;BR&gt;
852       -&lt;BR&gt;
853       -&lt;BR&gt;
854       -&lt;BR&gt;
855       EVMCBG&lt;BR&gt;
856       EVMCCG&lt;BR&gt;
857       -&lt;BR&gt;
858       -&lt;BR&gt;
859       -&lt;BR&gt;
860       -&lt;BR&gt;
861       -&lt;BR&gt;
862       -&lt;BR&gt;
863       -&lt;BR&gt;
864       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
865     &lt;/TD&gt;
866     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
867       55-1-X&lt;BR&gt;
868       55-4-X&lt;BR&gt;
869       55-3-X&lt;BR&gt;
870       55-2-X&lt;BR&gt;
871       -&lt;BR&gt;
872       -&lt;BR&gt;
873       -&lt;BR&gt;
874       -&lt;BR&gt;
875       -&lt;BR&gt;
876       -&lt;BR&gt;
877       -&lt;BR&gt;
878       -&lt;BR&gt;
879       -&lt;BR&gt;
880       -&lt;BR&gt;
881       -&lt;BR&gt;
882       -&lt;BR&gt;
883       50-2-X&lt;BR&gt;
884       50-4-X&lt;BR&gt;
885       50-3-X&lt;BR&gt;
886       -&lt;BR&gt;
887       -&lt;BR&gt;
888       -&lt;BR&gt;
889       64P&lt;BR&gt;
890       64W&lt;BR&gt;
891       64X&lt;BR&gt;
892       64Y&lt;BR&gt;
893       64Z&lt;BR&gt;
894       -&lt;BR&gt;
895       -&lt;BR&gt;
896       -&lt;BR&gt;
897       -&lt;BR&gt;
898       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
899     &lt;/TD&gt;
900     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
901       RT/RTR22&lt;BR&gt;
902       RT/RTR22&lt;BR&gt;
903       RT/RTR22&lt;BR&gt;
904       RT/RTR22&lt;BR&gt;
905       RJ/RJR22&lt;BR&gt;
906       RJ/RJR22&lt;BR&gt;
907       RJ/RJR22&lt;BR&gt;
908       RT/RTR26&lt;BR&gt;
909       RT/RTR26&lt;BR&gt;
910       RT/RTR26&lt;BR&gt;
911       RJ/RJR26&lt;BR&gt;
912       RJ/RJR26&lt;BR&gt;
913       RJ/RJR26&lt;BR&gt;
914       RJ/RJR26&lt;BR&gt;
915       RJ/RJR26&lt;BR&gt;
916       RJ/RJR26&lt;BR&gt;
917       RT/RTR24&lt;BR&gt;
918       RT/RTR24&lt;BR&gt;
919       RT/RTR24&lt;BR&gt;
920       RJ/RJR24&lt;BR&gt;
921       RJ/RJR24&lt;BR&gt;
922       RJ/RJR24&lt;BR&gt;
923       RJ/RJR24&lt;BR&gt;
924       RJ/RJR24&lt;BR&gt;
925       RJ/RJR24&lt;BR&gt;
926       -&lt;BR&gt;
927       -&lt;BR&gt;
928       -&lt;BR&gt;
929       -&lt;BR&gt;
930       -&lt;BR&gt;
931       -&lt;BR&gt;
932       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
933     &lt;/TD&gt;
934   &lt;/TR&gt;
935   &lt;TR&gt;
936     &lt;TD COLSPAN=8&gt;&amp;nbsp;
937     &lt;/TD&gt;
938   &lt;/TR&gt;
939   &lt;TR&gt;
940     &lt;TD COLSPAN=8&gt;
941       &lt;FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;SINGLE TURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
942     &lt;/TD&gt;
943   &lt;/TR&gt;
944   &lt;TR&gt;
945     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
946       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BOURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
947     &lt;/TD&gt;
948     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
949       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BI&amp;nbsp;TECH&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
950     &lt;/TD&gt;
951     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
952       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;DALE-VISHAY&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
953     &lt;/TD&gt;
954     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
955       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PHILIPS/MEPCO&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
956     &lt;/TD&gt;
957     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
958       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;MURATA&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
959     &lt;/TD&gt;
960     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
961       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PANASONIC&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
962     &lt;/TD&gt;
963     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
964       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;SPECTROL&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
965     &lt;/TD&gt;
966     &lt;TD ALIGN=CENTER&gt;
967       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;MILSPEC&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
968     &lt;/TD&gt;
969   &lt;/TR&gt;
970   &lt;TR&gt;
971     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
972       3323P&lt;BR&gt;
973       3323S&lt;BR&gt;
974       3323W&lt;BR&gt;
975       3329H&lt;BR&gt;
976       3329P&lt;BR&gt;
977       3329W&lt;BR&gt;
978       3339H&lt;BR&gt;
979       3339P&lt;BR&gt;
980       3339W&lt;BR&gt;
981       3352E&lt;BR&gt;
982       3352H&lt;BR&gt;
983       3352K&lt;BR&gt;
984       3352P&lt;BR&gt;
985       3352T&lt;BR&gt;
986       3352V&lt;BR&gt;
987       3352W&lt;BR&gt;
988       3362H&lt;BR&gt;
989       3362M&lt;BR&gt;
990       3362P&lt;BR&gt;
991       3362R&lt;BR&gt;
992       3362S&lt;BR&gt;
993       3362U&lt;BR&gt;
994       3362W&lt;BR&gt;
995       3362X&lt;BR&gt;
996       3386B&lt;BR&gt;
997       3386C&lt;BR&gt;
998       3386F&lt;BR&gt;
999       3386H&lt;BR&gt;
1000       3386K&lt;BR&gt;
1001       3386M&lt;BR&gt;
1002       3386P&lt;BR&gt;
1003       3386S&lt;BR&gt;
1004       3386W&lt;BR&gt;
1005       3386X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1006     &lt;/TD&gt;
1007     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1008       25P&lt;BR&gt;
1009       25S&lt;BR&gt;
1010       25RX&lt;BR&gt;
1011       82P&lt;BR&gt;
1012       82M&lt;BR&gt;
1013       82PA&lt;BR&gt;
1014       -&lt;BR&gt;
1015       -&lt;BR&gt;
1016       -&lt;BR&gt;
1017       91E&lt;BR&gt;
1018       91X&lt;BR&gt;
1019       91T&lt;BR&gt;
1020       91B&lt;BR&gt;
1021       91A&lt;BR&gt;
1022       91V&lt;BR&gt;
1023       91W&lt;BR&gt;
1024       25W&lt;BR&gt;
1025       25V&lt;BR&gt;
1026       25P&lt;BR&gt;
1027       -&lt;BR&gt;
1028       25S&lt;BR&gt;
1029       25U&lt;BR&gt;
1030       25RX&lt;BR&gt;
1031       25X&lt;BR&gt;
1032       72XW&lt;BR&gt;
1033       72XL&lt;BR&gt;
1034       72PM&lt;BR&gt;
1035       72RX&lt;BR&gt;
1036       -&lt;BR&gt;
1037       72PX&lt;BR&gt;
1038       72P&lt;BR&gt;
1039       72RXW&lt;BR&gt;
1040       72RXL&lt;BR&gt;
1041       72X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1042     &lt;/TD&gt;
1043     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1044       -&lt;BR&gt;
1045       -&lt;BR&gt;
1046       -&lt;BR&gt;
1047       T7YB&lt;BR&gt;
1048       T7YA&lt;BR&gt;
1049       -&lt;BR&gt;
1050       -&lt;BR&gt;
1051       -&lt;BR&gt;
1052       -&lt;BR&gt;
1053       -&lt;BR&gt;
1054       -&lt;BR&gt;
1055       -&lt;BR&gt;
1056       -&lt;BR&gt;
1057       -&lt;BR&gt;
1058       -&lt;BR&gt;
1059       -&lt;BR&gt;
1060       -&lt;BR&gt;
1061       TXD&lt;BR&gt;
1062       TYA&lt;BR&gt;
1063       TYP&lt;BR&gt;
1064       -&lt;BR&gt;
1065       TYD&lt;BR&gt;
1066       TX&lt;BR&gt;
1067       -&lt;BR&gt;
1068       150SX&lt;BR&gt;
1069       100SX&lt;BR&gt;
1070       102T&lt;BR&gt;
1071       101S&lt;BR&gt;
1072       190T&lt;BR&gt;
1073       150TX&lt;BR&gt;
1074       101&lt;BR&gt;
1075       -&lt;BR&gt;
1076       -&lt;BR&gt;
1077       101SX&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1078     &lt;/TD&gt;
1079     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1080       ET6P&lt;BR&gt;
1081       ET6S&lt;BR&gt;
1082       ET6X&lt;BR&gt;
1083       RJ-6W/8014EMW&lt;BR&gt;
1084       RJ-6P/8014EMP&lt;BR&gt;
1085       RJ-6X/8014EMX&lt;BR&gt;
1086       TM7W&lt;BR&gt;
1087       TM7P&lt;BR&gt;
1088       TM7X&lt;BR&gt;
1089       -&lt;BR&gt;
1090       8017SMS&lt;BR&gt;
1091       -&lt;BR&gt;
1092       8017SMB&lt;BR&gt;
1093       8017SMA&lt;BR&gt;
1094       -&lt;BR&gt;
1095       -&lt;BR&gt;
1096       CT-6W&lt;BR&gt;
1097       CT-6H&lt;BR&gt;
1098       CT-6P&lt;BR&gt;
1099       CT-6R&lt;BR&gt;
1100       -&lt;BR&gt;
1101       CT-6V&lt;BR&gt;
1102       CT-6X&lt;BR&gt;
1103       -&lt;BR&gt;
1104       -&lt;BR&gt;
1105       8038EKV&lt;BR&gt;
1106       -&lt;BR&gt;
1107       8038EKX&lt;BR&gt;
1108       -&lt;BR&gt;
1109       -&lt;BR&gt;
1110       8038EKP&lt;BR&gt;
1111       8038EKZ&lt;BR&gt;
1112       8038EKW&lt;BR&gt;
1113       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1114     &lt;/TD&gt;
1115     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1116       -&lt;BR&gt;
1117       -&lt;BR&gt;
1118       -&lt;BR&gt;
1119       3321H&lt;BR&gt;
1120       3321P&lt;BR&gt;
1121       3321N&lt;BR&gt;
1122       1102H&lt;BR&gt;
1123       1102P&lt;BR&gt;
1124       1102T&lt;BR&gt;
1125       RVA0911V304A&lt;BR&gt;
1126       -&lt;BR&gt;
1127       RVA0911H413A&lt;BR&gt;
1128       RVG0707V100A&lt;BR&gt;
1129       RVA0607V(H)306A&lt;BR&gt;
1130       RVA1214H213A&lt;BR&gt;
1131       -&lt;BR&gt;
1132       -&lt;BR&gt;
1133       -&lt;BR&gt;
1134       -&lt;BR&gt;
1135       -&lt;BR&gt;
1136       -&lt;BR&gt;
1137       -&lt;BR&gt;
1138       -&lt;BR&gt;
1139       -&lt;BR&gt;
1140       3104B&lt;BR&gt;
1141       3104C&lt;BR&gt;
1142       3104F&lt;BR&gt;
1143       3104H&lt;BR&gt;
1144       -&lt;BR&gt;
1145       3104M&lt;BR&gt;
1146       3104P&lt;BR&gt;
1147       3104S&lt;BR&gt;
1148       3104W&lt;BR&gt;
1149       3104X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1150     &lt;/TD&gt;
1151     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1152       EVMQ0G&lt;BR&gt;
1153       EVMQIG&lt;BR&gt;
1154       EVMQ3G&lt;BR&gt;
1155       EVMS0G&lt;BR&gt;
1156       EVMQ0G&lt;BR&gt;
1157       EVMG0G&lt;BR&gt;
1158       -&lt;BR&gt;
1159       -&lt;BR&gt;
1160       -&lt;BR&gt;
1161       EVMK4GA00B&lt;BR&gt;
1162       EVM30GA00B&lt;BR&gt;
1163       EVMK0GA00B&lt;BR&gt;
1164       EVM38GA00B&lt;BR&gt;
1165       EVMB6&lt;BR&gt;
1166       EVLQ0&lt;BR&gt;
1167       -&lt;BR&gt;
1168       EVMMSG&lt;BR&gt;
1169       EVMMBG&lt;BR&gt;
1170       EVMMAG&lt;BR&gt;
1171       -&lt;BR&gt;
1172       -&lt;BR&gt;
1173       EVMMCS&lt;BR&gt;
1174       -&lt;BR&gt;
1175       -&lt;BR&gt;
1176       -&lt;BR&gt;
1177       -&lt;BR&gt;
1178       -&lt;BR&gt;
1179       EVMM1&lt;BR&gt;
1180       -&lt;BR&gt;
1181       -&lt;BR&gt;
1182       EVMM0&lt;BR&gt;
1183       -&lt;BR&gt;
1184       -&lt;BR&gt;
1185       EVMM3&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1186     &lt;/TD&gt;
1187     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1188       -&lt;BR&gt;
1189       -&lt;BR&gt;
1190       -&lt;BR&gt;
1191       62-3-1&lt;BR&gt;
1192       62-1-2&lt;BR&gt;
1193       -&lt;BR&gt;
1194       -&lt;BR&gt;
1195       -&lt;BR&gt;
1196       -&lt;BR&gt;
1197       -&lt;BR&gt;
1198       -&lt;BR&gt;
1199       -&lt;BR&gt;
1200       -&lt;BR&gt;
1201       -&lt;BR&gt;
1202       -&lt;BR&gt;
1203       -&lt;BR&gt;
1204       67R&lt;BR&gt;
1205       -&lt;BR&gt;
1206       67P&lt;BR&gt;
1207       -&lt;BR&gt;
1208       -&lt;BR&gt;
1209       -&lt;BR&gt;
1210       -&lt;BR&gt;
1211       67X&lt;BR&gt;
1212       63V&lt;BR&gt;
1213       63S&lt;BR&gt;
1214       63M&lt;BR&gt;
1215       -&lt;BR&gt;
1216       -&lt;BR&gt;
1217       63H&lt;BR&gt;
1218       63P&lt;BR&gt;
1219       -&lt;BR&gt;
1220       -&lt;BR&gt;
1221       63X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1222     &lt;/TD&gt;
1223     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1224       -&lt;BR&gt;
1225       -&lt;BR&gt;
1226       -&lt;BR&gt;
1227       RJ/RJR50&lt;BR&gt;
1228       RJ/RJR50&lt;BR&gt;
1229       RJ/RJR50&lt;BR&gt;
1230       -&lt;BR&gt;
1231       -&lt;BR&gt;
1232       -&lt;BR&gt;
1233       -&lt;BR&gt;
1234       -&lt;BR&gt;
1235       -&lt;BR&gt;
1236       -&lt;BR&gt;
1237       -&lt;BR&gt;
1238       -&lt;BR&gt;
1239       -&lt;BR&gt;
1240       -&lt;BR&gt;
1241       -&lt;BR&gt;
1242       -&lt;BR&gt;
1243       -&lt;BR&gt;
1244       -&lt;BR&gt;
1245       -&lt;BR&gt;
1246       -&lt;BR&gt;
1247       -&lt;BR&gt;
1248       -&lt;BR&gt;
1249       -&lt;BR&gt;
1250       -&lt;BR&gt;
1251       -&lt;BR&gt;
1252       -&lt;BR&gt;
1253       -&lt;BR&gt;
1254       -&lt;BR&gt;
1255       -&lt;BR&gt;
1256       -&lt;BR&gt;
1257       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1258     &lt;/TD&gt;
1259   &lt;/TR&gt;
1260 &lt;/TABLE&gt;
1261 &lt;P&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;P&gt;
1263   &lt;TR&gt;
1264     &lt;TD COLSPAN=7&gt;
1265       &lt;FONT color="#0000FF" SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;SMD TRIM-POT CROSS REFERENCE&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1266       &lt;P&gt;
1267       &lt;FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;MULTI-TURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1268     &lt;/TD&gt;
1269   &lt;/TR&gt;
1270   &lt;TR&gt;
1271     &lt;TD&gt;
1272       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BOURNS&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1273     &lt;/TD&gt;
1274     &lt;TD&gt;
1275       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BI&amp;nbsp;TECH&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1276     &lt;/TD&gt;
1277     &lt;TD&gt;
1278       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;DALE-VISHAY&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1279     &lt;/TD&gt;
1280     &lt;TD&gt;
1281       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PHILIPS/MEPCO&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1282     &lt;/TD&gt;
1283     &lt;TD&gt;
1284       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PANASONIC&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1285     &lt;/TD&gt;
1286     &lt;TD&gt;
1287       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;TOCOS&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1288     &lt;/TD&gt;
1289     &lt;TD&gt;
1290       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;AUX/KYOCERA&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1291     &lt;/TD&gt;
1292   &lt;/TR&gt;
1293   &lt;TR&gt;
1294     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1295       3224G&lt;BR&gt;
1296       3224J&lt;BR&gt;
1297       3224W&lt;BR&gt;
1298       3269P&lt;BR&gt;
1299       3269W&lt;BR&gt;
1300       3269X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1301     &lt;/TD&gt;
1302     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1303       44G&lt;BR&gt;
1304       44J&lt;BR&gt;
1305       44W&lt;BR&gt;
1306       84P&lt;BR&gt;
1307       84W&lt;BR&gt;
1308       84X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1309     &lt;/TD&gt;
1310     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1311       -&lt;BR&gt;
1312       -&lt;BR&gt;
1313       -&lt;BR&gt;
1314       ST63Z&lt;BR&gt;
1315       ST63Y&lt;BR&gt;
1316       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1317     &lt;/TD&gt;
1318     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1319       -&lt;BR&gt;
1320       -&lt;BR&gt;
1321       -&lt;BR&gt;
1322       ST5P&lt;BR&gt;
1323       ST5W&lt;BR&gt;
1324       ST5X&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1325     &lt;/TD&gt;
1326     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1327       -&lt;BR&gt;
1328       -&lt;BR&gt;
1329       -&lt;BR&gt;
1330       -&lt;BR&gt;
1331       -&lt;BR&gt;
1332       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1333     &lt;/TD&gt;
1334     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1335       -&lt;BR&gt;
1336       -&lt;BR&gt;
1337       -&lt;BR&gt;
1338       -&lt;BR&gt;
1339       -&lt;BR&gt;
1340       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1341     &lt;/TD&gt;
1342     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1343       -&lt;BR&gt;
1344       -&lt;BR&gt;
1345       -&lt;BR&gt;
1346       -&lt;BR&gt;
1347       -&lt;BR&gt;
1348       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1349     &lt;/TD&gt;
1350   &lt;/TR&gt;
1351   &lt;TR&gt;
1352     &lt;TD COLSPAN=7&gt;&amp;nbsp;
1353     &lt;/TD&gt;
1354   &lt;/TR&gt;
1355   &lt;TR&gt;
1356     &lt;TD COLSPAN=7&gt;
1357       &lt;FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;SINGLE TURN&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1358     &lt;/TD&gt;
1359   &lt;/TR&gt;
1360   &lt;TR&gt;
1361     &lt;TD&gt;
1362       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BOURNS&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1363     &lt;/TD&gt;
1364     &lt;TD&gt;
1365       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;BI&amp;nbsp;TECH&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1366     &lt;/TD&gt;
1367     &lt;TD&gt;
1368       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;DALE-VISHAY&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1369     &lt;/TD&gt;
1370     &lt;TD&gt;
1371       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PHILIPS/MEPCO&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1372     &lt;/TD&gt;
1373     &lt;TD&gt;
1374       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;PANASONIC&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1375     &lt;/TD&gt;
1376     &lt;TD&gt;
1377       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;TOCOS&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1378     &lt;/TD&gt;
1379     &lt;TD&gt;
1380       &lt;FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;AUX/KYOCERA&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1381     &lt;/TD&gt;
1382   &lt;/TR&gt;
1383   &lt;TR&gt;
1384     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1385       3314G&lt;BR&gt;
1386       3314J&lt;BR&gt;
1387       3364A/B&lt;BR&gt;
1388       3364C/D&lt;BR&gt;
1389       3364W/X&lt;BR&gt;
1390       3313G&lt;BR&gt;
1391       3313J&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1392     &lt;/TD&gt;
1393     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1394       23B&lt;BR&gt;
1395       23A&lt;BR&gt;
1396       21X&lt;BR&gt;
1397       21W&lt;BR&gt;
1398       -&lt;BR&gt;
1399       22B&lt;BR&gt;
1400       22A&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1401     &lt;/TD&gt;
1402     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1403       ST5YL/ST53YL&lt;BR&gt;
1404       ST5YJ/5T53YJ&lt;BR&gt;
1405       ST-23A&lt;BR&gt;
1406       ST-22B&lt;BR&gt;
1407       ST-22&lt;BR&gt;
1408       -&lt;BR&gt;
1409       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1410     &lt;/TD&gt;
1411     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1412       ST-4B&lt;BR&gt;
1413       ST-4A&lt;BR&gt;
1414       -&lt;BR&gt;
1415       -&lt;BR&gt;
1416       -&lt;BR&gt;
1417       ST-3B&lt;BR&gt;
1418       ST-3A&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1419     &lt;/TD&gt;
1420     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1421       -&lt;BR&gt;
1422       EVM-6YS&lt;BR&gt;
1423       EVM-1E&lt;BR&gt;
1424       EVM-1G&lt;BR&gt;
1425       EVM-1D&lt;BR&gt;
1426       -&lt;BR&gt;
1427       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1428     &lt;/TD&gt;
1429     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1430       G4B&lt;BR&gt;
1431       G4A&lt;BR&gt;
1432       TR04-3S1&lt;BR&gt;
1433       TRG04-2S1&lt;BR&gt;
1434       -&lt;BR&gt;
1435       -&lt;BR&gt;
1436       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1437     &lt;/TD&gt;
1438     &lt;TD BGCOLOR="#cccccc" ALIGN=CENTER&gt;&lt;FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=3&gt;
1439       -&lt;BR&gt;
1440       -&lt;BR&gt;
1441       DVR-43A&lt;BR&gt;
1442       CVR-42C&lt;BR&gt;
1443       CVR-42A/C&lt;BR&gt;
1444       -&lt;BR&gt;
1445       -&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1446     &lt;/TD&gt;
1447   &lt;/TR&gt;
1448 &lt;/TABLE&gt;
1449 &lt;P&gt;
1450 &lt;FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL&gt;&lt;B&gt;ALT =&amp;nbsp;ALTERNATE&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;
1451 &lt;P&gt;
1453 &amp;nbsp;
1454 &lt;P&gt;
1455 &lt;/td&gt;
1456 &lt;/tr&gt;
1457 &lt;/table&gt;
1458 &lt;/BODY&gt;&lt;/HTML&gt;</description>
1459 <packages>
1460 <package name="R0402">
1461 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1462 chip</description>
1463 <wire x1="-0.245" y1="0.224" x2="0.245" y2="0.224" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1464 <wire x1="0.245" y1="-0.224" x2="-0.245" y2="-0.224" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1465 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="0.483" x2="1.473" y2="0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1466 <wire x1="1.473" y1="0.483" x2="1.473" y2="-0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1467 <wire x1="1.473" y1="-0.483" x2="-1.473" y2="-0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1468 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="-0.483" x2="-1.473" y2="0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1469 <smd name="1" x="-0.65" y="0" dx="0.7" dy="0.9" layer="1"/>
1470 <smd name="2" x="0.65" y="0" dx="0.7" dy="0.9" layer="1"/>
1471 <text x="-0.635" y="0.762" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1472 <text x="-0.635" y="-2.032" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1473 <rectangle x1="-0.554" y1="-0.3048" x2="-0.254" y2="0.2951" layer="51"/>
1474 <rectangle x1="0.2588" y1="-0.3048" x2="0.5588" y2="0.2951" layer="51"/>
1475 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.4001" x2="0.1999" y2="0.4001" layer="35"/>
1476 </package>
1477 <package name="R0603">
1478 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1479 chip</description>
1480 <wire x1="-0.432" y1="-0.356" x2="0.432" y2="-0.356" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1481 <wire x1="0.432" y1="0.356" x2="-0.432" y2="0.356" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1482 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="0.983" x2="1.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1483 <wire x1="1.473" y1="0.983" x2="1.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1484 <wire x1="1.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1485 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1486 <smd name="1" x="-0.85" y="0" dx="1" dy="1.1" layer="1"/>
1487 <smd name="2" x="0.85" y="0" dx="1" dy="1.1" layer="1"/>
1488 <text x="-0.889" y="0.889" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1489 <text x="-0.889" y="-2.032" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1490 <rectangle x1="0.4318" y1="-0.4318" x2="0.8382" y2="0.4318" layer="51"/>
1491 <rectangle x1="-0.8382" y1="-0.4318" x2="-0.4318" y2="0.4318" layer="51"/>
1492 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.4001" x2="0.1999" y2="0.4001" layer="35"/>
1493 </package>
1494 <package name="R0805">
1495 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1496 chip</description>
1497 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="0.635" x2="0.41" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1498 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="-0.635" x2="0.41" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1499 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1500 <wire x1="1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1501 <wire x1="1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1502 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1503 <smd name="1" x="-0.85" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.5" layer="1"/>
1504 <smd name="2" x="0.85" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.5" layer="1"/>
1505 <text x="-0.762" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1506 <text x="-0.762" y="-2.286" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1507 <rectangle x1="0.4064" y1="-0.6985" x2="1.0564" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1508 <rectangle x1="-1.0668" y1="-0.6985" x2="-0.4168" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1509 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.5001" x2="0.1999" y2="0.5001" layer="35"/>
1510 </package>
1511 <package name="R0805W">
1512 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1513 chip, wave soldering</description>
1514 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="0.635" x2="0.41" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1515 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="-0.635" x2="0.41" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1516 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1517 <wire x1="1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1518 <wire x1="1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1519 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1520 <smd name="1" x="-0.94" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="1" layer="1"/>
1521 <smd name="2" x="0.94" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="1" layer="1"/>
1522 <text x="-0.635" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1523 <text x="-0.635" y="-2.159" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1524 <rectangle x1="0.4064" y1="-0.6985" x2="1.0564" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1525 <rectangle x1="-1.0668" y1="-0.6985" x2="-0.4168" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1526 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.5001" x2="0.1999" y2="0.5001" layer="35"/>
1527 </package>
1528 <package name="R1005">
1529 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1530 chip</description>
1531 <wire x1="-0.245" y1="0.224" x2="0.245" y2="0.224" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1532 <wire x1="0.245" y1="-0.224" x2="-0.245" y2="-0.224" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1533 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="0.483" x2="1.473" y2="0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1534 <wire x1="1.473" y1="0.483" x2="1.473" y2="-0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1535 <wire x1="1.473" y1="-0.483" x2="-1.473" y2="-0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1536 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="-0.483" x2="-1.473" y2="0.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1537 <smd name="1" x="-0.65" y="0" dx="0.7" dy="0.9" layer="1"/>
1538 <smd name="2" x="0.65" y="0" dx="0.7" dy="0.9" layer="1"/>
1539 <text x="-0.635" y="0.762" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1540 <text x="-0.635" y="-2.032" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1541 <rectangle x1="-0.554" y1="-0.3048" x2="-0.254" y2="0.2951" layer="51"/>
1542 <rectangle x1="0.2588" y1="-0.3048" x2="0.5588" y2="0.2951" layer="51"/>
1543 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.3" x2="0.1999" y2="0.3" layer="35"/>
1544 </package>
1545 <package name="R1206">
1546 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1547 chip</description>
1548 <wire x1="0.9525" y1="-0.8128" x2="-0.9652" y2="-0.8128" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1549 <wire x1="0.9525" y1="0.8128" x2="-0.9652" y2="0.8128" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1550 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1551 <wire x1="2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1552 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1553 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1554 <smd name="2" x="1.422" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="1.803" layer="1"/>
1555 <smd name="1" x="-1.422" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="1.803" layer="1"/>
1556 <text x="-1.397" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1557 <text x="-1.397" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1558 <rectangle x1="-1.6891" y1="-0.8763" x2="-0.9525" y2="0.8763" layer="51"/>
1559 <rectangle x1="0.9525" y1="-0.8763" x2="1.6891" y2="0.8763" layer="51"/>
1560 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.7" x2="0.3" y2="0.7" layer="35"/>
1561 </package>
1562 <package name="R1206W">
1563 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1564 chip, wave soldering</description>
1565 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="0.8" x2="0.888" y2="0.8" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1566 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-0.8" x2="0.888" y2="-0.8" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1567 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1568 <wire x1="2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1569 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1570 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1571 <smd name="1" x="-1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.2" layer="1"/>
1572 <smd name="2" x="1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.2" layer="1"/>
1573 <text x="-1.651" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1574 <text x="-1.651" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1575 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-0.8763" x2="-0.9009" y2="0.8738" layer="51"/>
1576 <rectangle x1="0.889" y1="-0.8763" x2="1.6391" y2="0.8738" layer="51"/>
1577 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.7" x2="0.3" y2="0.7" layer="35"/>
1578 </package>
1579 <package name="R1210">
1580 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1581 chip</description>
1582 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="1.219" x2="0.939" y2="1.219" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1583 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-1.219" x2="0.939" y2="-1.219" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1584 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1585 <wire x1="2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1586 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1587 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1588 <smd name="1" x="-1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1589 <smd name="2" x="1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1590 <text x="-1.27" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1591 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1592 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-1.3081" x2="-0.9009" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1593 <rectangle x1="0.9144" y1="-1.3081" x2="1.6645" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1594 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.8999" x2="0.3" y2="0.8999" layer="35"/>
1595 </package>
1596 <package name="R1210W">
1597 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1598 chip, wave soldering</description>
1599 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="1.219" x2="0.939" y2="1.219" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1600 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-1.219" x2="0.939" y2="-1.219" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1601 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1602 <wire x1="2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1603 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1604 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1605 <smd name="1" x="-1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1606 <smd name="2" x="1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1607 <text x="-1.651" y="1.524" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1608 <text x="-1.651" y="-2.794" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1609 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-1.3081" x2="-0.9009" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1610 <rectangle x1="0.9144" y1="-1.3081" x2="1.6645" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1611 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.8001" x2="0.3" y2="0.8001" layer="35"/>
1612 </package>
1613 <package name="R2010">
1614 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1615 chip</description>
1616 <wire x1="-1.662" y1="1.245" x2="1.662" y2="1.245" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1617 <wire x1="-1.637" y1="-1.245" x2="1.687" y2="-1.245" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1618 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1619 <wire x1="3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1620 <wire x1="3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1621 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1622 <wire x1="-1.027" y1="1.245" x2="1.027" y2="1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1623 <wire x1="-1.002" y1="-1.245" x2="1.016" y2="-1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1624 <smd name="1" x="-2.2" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1625 <smd name="2" x="2.2" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1626 <text x="-2.159" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1627 <text x="-2.159" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1628 <rectangle x1="-2.4892" y1="-1.3208" x2="-1.6393" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1629 <rectangle x1="1.651" y1="-1.3208" x2="2.5009" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1630 </package>
1631 <package name="R2010W">
1632 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1633 chip, wave soldering</description>
1634 <wire x1="-1.662" y1="1.245" x2="1.662" y2="1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1635 <wire x1="-1.637" y1="-1.245" x2="1.687" y2="-1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1636 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1637 <wire x1="3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1638 <wire x1="3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1639 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1640 <smd name="1" x="-2.311" y="0" dx="2" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1641 <smd name="2" x="2.311" y="0" dx="2" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1642 <text x="-2.286" y="1.524" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1643 <text x="-2.286" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1644 <rectangle x1="-2.4892" y1="-1.3208" x2="-1.6393" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1645 <rectangle x1="1.651" y1="-1.3208" x2="2.5009" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1646 </package>
1647 <package name="R2012">
1648 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1649 chip</description>
1650 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="0.635" x2="0.41" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1651 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="-0.635" x2="0.41" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1652 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1653 <wire x1="1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1654 <wire x1="1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1655 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1656 <smd name="1" x="-0.85" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.5" layer="1"/>
1657 <smd name="2" x="0.85" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.5" layer="1"/>
1658 <text x="-0.762" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1659 <text x="-0.762" y="-2.286" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1660 <rectangle x1="0.4064" y1="-0.6985" x2="1.0564" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1661 <rectangle x1="-1.0668" y1="-0.6985" x2="-0.4168" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1662 <rectangle x1="-0.1001" y1="-0.5999" x2="0.1001" y2="0.5999" layer="35"/>
1663 </package>
1664 <package name="R2012W">
1665 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1666 chip, wave soldering</description>
1667 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="0.635" x2="0.41" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1668 <wire x1="-0.41" y1="-0.635" x2="0.41" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1669 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1670 <wire x1="1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1671 <wire x1="1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1672 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1673 <smd name="1" x="-0.94" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="1" layer="1"/>
1674 <smd name="2" x="0.94" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="1" layer="1"/>
1675 <text x="-0.635" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1676 <text x="-0.635" y="-2.286" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1677 <rectangle x1="0.4064" y1="-0.6985" x2="1.0564" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1678 <rectangle x1="-1.0668" y1="-0.6985" x2="-0.4168" y2="0.7015" layer="51"/>
1679 <rectangle x1="-0.1001" y1="-0.5999" x2="0.1001" y2="0.5999" layer="35"/>
1680 </package>
1681 <package name="R2512">
1682 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1683 chip</description>
1684 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="1.473" x2="2.387" y2="1.473" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1685 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="-1.473" x2="2.387" y2="-1.473" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1686 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1687 <wire x1="3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1688 <wire x1="3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1689 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1690 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="1.473" x2="1.498" y2="1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1691 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="-1.473" x2="1.498" y2="-1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1692 <smd name="1" x="-2.8" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="3.2" layer="1"/>
1693 <smd name="2" x="2.8" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="3.2" layer="1"/>
1694 <text x="-2.667" y="1.905" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1695 <text x="-2.667" y="-3.175" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1696 <rectangle x1="-3.2004" y1="-1.5494" x2="-2.3505" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1697 <rectangle x1="2.3622" y1="-1.5494" x2="3.2121" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1698 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1699 </package>
1700 <package name="R2512W">
1701 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1702 chip, wave soldering</description>
1703 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="1.473" x2="2.387" y2="1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1704 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="-1.473" x2="2.387" y2="-1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1705 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1706 <wire x1="3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1707 <wire x1="3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1708 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1709 <smd name="1" x="-2.896" y="0" dx="2" dy="2.1" layer="1"/>
1710 <smd name="2" x="2.896" y="0" dx="2" dy="2.1" layer="1"/>
1711 <text x="-2.794" y="1.778" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1712 <text x="-2.794" y="-3.048" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1713 <rectangle x1="-3.2004" y1="-1.5494" x2="-2.3505" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1714 <rectangle x1="2.3622" y1="-1.5494" x2="3.2121" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1715 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1716 </package>
1717 <package name="R3216">
1718 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1719 chip</description>
1720 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="0.8" x2="0.888" y2="0.8" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1721 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-0.8" x2="0.888" y2="-0.8" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1722 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1723 <wire x1="2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1724 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1725 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1726 <smd name="1" x="-1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1727 <smd name="2" x="1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1728 <text x="-1.397" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1729 <text x="-1.397" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1730 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-0.8763" x2="-0.9009" y2="0.8738" layer="51"/>
1731 <rectangle x1="0.889" y1="-0.8763" x2="1.6391" y2="0.8738" layer="51"/>
1732 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.7" x2="0.3" y2="0.7" layer="35"/>
1733 </package>
1734 <package name="R3216W">
1735 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1736 chip, wave soldering</description>
1737 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="0.8" x2="0.888" y2="0.8" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1738 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-0.8" x2="0.888" y2="-0.8" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1739 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1740 <wire x1="2.473" y1="0.983" x2="2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1741 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1742 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.473" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1743 <smd name="1" x="-1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.2" layer="1"/>
1744 <smd name="2" x="1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.2" layer="1"/>
1745 <text x="-1.524" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1746 <text x="-1.524" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1747 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-0.8763" x2="-0.9009" y2="0.8738" layer="51"/>
1748 <rectangle x1="0.889" y1="-0.8763" x2="1.6391" y2="0.8738" layer="51"/>
1749 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.7" x2="0.3" y2="0.7" layer="35"/>
1750 </package>
1751 <package name="R3225">
1752 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1753 chip</description>
1754 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="1.219" x2="0.939" y2="1.219" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1755 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-1.219" x2="0.939" y2="-1.219" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1756 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1757 <wire x1="2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1758 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1759 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1760 <smd name="1" x="-1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1761 <smd name="2" x="1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1762 <text x="-1.397" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1763 <text x="-1.397" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1764 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-1.3081" x2="-0.9009" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1765 <rectangle x1="0.9144" y1="-1.3081" x2="1.6645" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1766 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-1" x2="0.3" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1767 </package>
1768 <package name="R3225W">
1769 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1770 chip, wave soldering</description>
1771 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="1.219" x2="0.939" y2="1.219" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1772 <wire x1="-0.913" y1="-1.219" x2="0.939" y2="-1.219" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1773 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1774 <wire x1="2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1775 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1776 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1777 <smd name="1" x="-1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1778 <smd name="2" x="1.499" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1779 <text x="-1.397" y="1.524" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1780 <text x="-1.397" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1781 <rectangle x1="-1.651" y1="-1.3081" x2="-0.9009" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1782 <rectangle x1="0.9144" y1="-1.3081" x2="1.6645" y2="1.2918" layer="51"/>
1783 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-1" x2="0.3" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1784 </package>
1785 <package name="R5025">
1786 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1787 chip</description>
1788 <wire x1="-1.662" y1="1.245" x2="1.662" y2="1.245" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1789 <wire x1="-1.637" y1="-1.245" x2="1.687" y2="-1.245" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1790 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1791 <wire x1="3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1792 <wire x1="3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1793 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1794 <wire x1="-0.9" y1="1.245" x2="0.9" y2="1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1795 <wire x1="-0.875" y1="-1.245" x2="0.925" y2="-1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1796 <smd name="1" x="-2.2" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1797 <smd name="2" x="2.2" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="2.7" layer="1"/>
1798 <text x="-2.159" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1799 <text x="-2.159" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1800 <rectangle x1="-2.4892" y1="-1.3208" x2="-1.6393" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1801 <rectangle x1="1.651" y1="-1.3208" x2="2.5009" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1802 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1803 </package>
1804 <package name="R5025W">
1805 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1806 chip, wave soldering</description>
1807 <wire x1="-1.662" y1="1.245" x2="1.662" y2="1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1808 <wire x1="-1.637" y1="-1.245" x2="1.687" y2="-1.245" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1809 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1810 <wire x1="3.473" y1="1.483" x2="3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1811 <wire x1="3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1812 <wire x1="-3.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-3.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1813 <smd name="1" x="-2.311" y="0" dx="2" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1814 <smd name="2" x="2.311" y="0" dx="2" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1815 <text x="-2.286" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1816 <text x="-2.286" y="-2.921" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1817 <rectangle x1="-2.4892" y1="-1.3208" x2="-1.6393" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1818 <rectangle x1="1.651" y1="-1.3208" x2="2.5009" y2="1.3292" layer="51"/>
1819 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1820 </package>
1821 <package name="R6332">
1822 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1823 chip</description>
1824 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="1.473" x2="2.387" y2="1.473" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1825 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="-1.473" x2="2.387" y2="-1.473" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1826 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1827 <wire x1="3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1828 <wire x1="3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1829 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1830 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="1.473" x2="1.498" y2="1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1831 <wire x1="-1.473" y1="-1.473" x2="1.498" y2="-1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1832 <smd name="1" x="-2.8" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="3.2" layer="1"/>
1833 <smd name="2" x="2.8" y="0" dx="1.8" dy="3.2" layer="1"/>
1834 <text x="-2.794" y="1.905" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1835 <text x="-2.794" y="-3.175" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1836 <rectangle x1="-3.2004" y1="-1.5494" x2="-2.3505" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1837 <rectangle x1="2.3622" y1="-1.5494" x2="3.2121" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1838 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1839 </package>
1840 <package name="R6332W">
1841 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1842 chip, wave soldering</description>
1843 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="1.473" x2="2.387" y2="1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1844 <wire x1="-2.362" y1="-1.473" x2="2.387" y2="-1.473" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1845 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1846 <wire x1="3.973" y1="1.983" x2="3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1847 <wire x1="3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="-1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1848 <wire x1="-3.973" y1="-1.983" x2="-3.973" y2="1.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1849 <smd name="1" x="-2.896" y="0" dx="2" dy="2.1" layer="1"/>
1850 <smd name="2" x="2.896" y="0" dx="2" dy="2.1" layer="1"/>
1851 <text x="-2.921" y="1.778" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1852 <text x="-2.921" y="-3.048" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1853 <rectangle x1="-3.2004" y1="-1.5494" x2="-2.3505" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1854 <rectangle x1="2.3622" y1="-1.5494" x2="3.2121" y2="1.5507" layer="51"/>
1855 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1856 </package>
1857 <package name="M0805">
1858 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1859 MELF 0.10 W</description>
1860 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1861 <wire x1="1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1862 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1863 <wire x1="1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1864 <wire x1="0.7112" y1="0.635" x2="-0.7112" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1865 <wire x1="0.7112" y1="-0.635" x2="-0.7112" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1866 <smd name="1" x="-0.95" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
1867 <smd name="2" x="0.95" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
1868 <text x="-1.016" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1869 <text x="-1.016" y="-2.286" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1870 <rectangle x1="-1.0414" y1="-0.7112" x2="-0.6858" y2="0.7112" layer="51"/>
1871 <rectangle x1="0.6858" y1="-0.7112" x2="1.0414" y2="0.7112" layer="51"/>
1872 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.5999" x2="0.1999" y2="0.5999" layer="35"/>
1873 </package>
1874 <package name="M1206">
1875 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1876 MELF 0.25 W</description>
1877 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1878 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1879 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1880 <wire x1="2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1881 <wire x1="1.143" y1="0.8382" x2="-1.143" y2="0.8382" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1882 <wire x1="1.143" y1="-0.8382" x2="-1.143" y2="-0.8382" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1883 <smd name="1" x="-1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2" layer="1"/>
1884 <smd name="2" x="1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2" layer="1"/>
1885 <text x="-1.27" y="1.27" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1886 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1887 <rectangle x1="-1.7018" y1="-0.9144" x2="-1.1176" y2="0.9144" layer="51"/>
1888 <rectangle x1="1.1176" y1="-0.9144" x2="1.7018" y2="0.9144" layer="51"/>
1889 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.8001" x2="0.3" y2="0.8001" layer="35"/>
1890 </package>
1891 <package name="M1406">
1892 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1893 MELF 0.12 W</description>
1894 <wire x1="-2.973" y1="0.983" x2="2.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1895 <wire x1="2.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1896 <wire x1="-2.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1897 <wire x1="2.973" y1="0.983" x2="2.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1898 <wire x1="1.3208" y1="0.762" x2="-1.3208" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1899 <wire x1="1.3208" y1="-0.762" x2="-1.3208" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1900 <wire x1="0.6858" y1="0.762" x2="-0.6858" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1901 <wire x1="0.6858" y1="-0.762" x2="-0.6858" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1902 <smd name="1" x="-1.7" y="0" dx="1.4" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1903 <smd name="2" x="1.7" y="0" dx="1.4" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1904 <text x="-1.651" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1905 <text x="-1.651" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1906 <rectangle x1="-1.8542" y1="-0.8382" x2="-1.2954" y2="0.8382" layer="51"/>
1907 <rectangle x1="1.2954" y1="-0.8382" x2="1.8542" y2="0.8382" layer="51"/>
1908 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.7" x2="0.3" y2="0.7" layer="35"/>
1909 </package>
1910 <package name="M2012">
1911 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1912 MELF 0.10 W</description>
1913 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1914 <wire x1="1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1915 <wire x1="-1.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-1.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1916 <wire x1="1.973" y1="0.983" x2="1.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1917 <wire x1="0.7112" y1="0.635" x2="-0.7112" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1918 <wire x1="0.7112" y1="-0.635" x2="-0.7112" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1919 <smd name="1" x="-0.95" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
1920 <smd name="2" x="0.95" y="0" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
1921 <text x="-1.016" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1922 <text x="-1.016" y="-2.286" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1923 <rectangle x1="-1.0414" y1="-0.7112" x2="-0.6858" y2="0.7112" layer="51"/>
1924 <rectangle x1="0.6858" y1="-0.7112" x2="1.0414" y2="0.7112" layer="51"/>
1925 <rectangle x1="-0.1999" y1="-0.5999" x2="0.1999" y2="0.5999" layer="35"/>
1926 </package>
1927 <package name="M2309">
1928 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1929 MELF 0.25 W</description>
1930 <wire x1="-4.473" y1="1.483" x2="4.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1931 <wire x1="4.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-4.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1932 <wire x1="-4.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-4.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1933 <wire x1="4.473" y1="1.483" x2="4.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1934 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.1684" x2="-2.4384" y2="1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1935 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.1684" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1936 <wire x1="1.651" y1="1.1684" x2="-1.6764" y2="1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1937 <wire x1="1.651" y1="-1.1684" x2="-1.651" y2="-1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1938 <smd name="1" x="-2.85" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="2.6" layer="1"/>
1939 <smd name="2" x="2.85" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="2.6" layer="1"/>
1940 <text x="-2.794" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1941 <text x="-2.794" y="-2.794" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1942 <rectangle x1="-3.048" y1="-1.2446" x2="-2.3876" y2="1.2446" layer="51"/>
1943 <rectangle x1="2.3876" y1="-1.2446" x2="3.048" y2="1.2446" layer="51"/>
1944 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
1945 </package>
1946 <package name="M3216">
1947 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1948 MELF 0.25 W</description>
1949 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1950 <wire x1="2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1951 <wire x1="-2.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-2.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1952 <wire x1="2.473" y1="1.483" x2="2.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1953 <wire x1="1.143" y1="0.8382" x2="-1.143" y2="0.8382" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1954 <wire x1="1.143" y1="-0.8382" x2="-1.143" y2="-0.8382" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1955 <smd name="1" x="-1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2" layer="1"/>
1956 <smd name="2" x="1.4" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2" layer="1"/>
1957 <text x="-1.27" y="1.27" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1958 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1959 <rectangle x1="-1.7018" y1="-0.9144" x2="-1.1176" y2="0.9144" layer="51"/>
1960 <rectangle x1="1.1176" y1="-0.9144" x2="1.7018" y2="0.9144" layer="51"/>
1961 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="-0.8001" x2="0.3" y2="0.8001" layer="35"/>
1962 </package>
1963 <package name="M3516">
1964 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1965 MELF 0.12 W</description>
1966 <wire x1="-2.973" y1="0.983" x2="2.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1967 <wire x1="2.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1968 <wire x1="-2.973" y1="-0.983" x2="-2.973" y2="0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1969 <wire x1="2.973" y1="0.983" x2="2.973" y2="-0.983" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1970 <wire x1="1.3208" y1="0.762" x2="-1.3208" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1971 <wire x1="1.3208" y1="-0.762" x2="-1.3208" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1972 <wire x1="0.6858" y1="0.762" x2="-0.6858" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1973 <wire x1="0.6858" y1="-0.762" x2="-0.6858" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1974 <smd name="1" x="-1.7" y="0" dx="1.4" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1975 <smd name="2" x="1.7" y="0" dx="1.4" dy="1.8" layer="1"/>
1976 <text x="-1.651" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1977 <text x="-1.651" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1978 <rectangle x1="-1.8542" y1="-0.8382" x2="-1.2954" y2="0.8382" layer="51"/>
1979 <rectangle x1="1.2954" y1="-0.8382" x2="1.8542" y2="0.8382" layer="51"/>
1980 <rectangle x1="-0.4001" y1="-0.7" x2="0.4001" y2="0.7" layer="35"/>
1981 </package>
1982 <package name="M5923">
1983 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
1984 MELF 0.25 W</description>
1985 <wire x1="-4.473" y1="1.483" x2="4.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1986 <wire x1="4.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-4.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1987 <wire x1="-4.473" y1="-1.483" x2="-4.473" y2="1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1988 <wire x1="4.473" y1="1.483" x2="4.473" y2="-1.483" width="0.0508" layer="39"/>
1989 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.1684" x2="-2.4384" y2="1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1990 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.1684" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
1991 <wire x1="1.651" y1="1.1684" x2="-1.6764" y2="1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1992 <wire x1="1.651" y1="-1.1684" x2="-1.651" y2="-1.1684" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
1993 <smd name="1" x="-2.85" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="2.6" layer="1"/>
1994 <smd name="2" x="2.85" y="0" dx="1.5" dy="2.6" layer="1"/>
1995 <text x="-2.794" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
1996 <text x="-2.794" y="-2.794" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
1997 <rectangle x1="-3.048" y1="-1.2446" x2="-2.3876" y2="1.2446" layer="51"/>
1998 <rectangle x1="2.3876" y1="-1.2446" x2="3.048" y2="1.2446" layer="51"/>
1999 <rectangle x1="-0.5001" y1="-1" x2="0.5001" y2="1" layer="35"/>
2000 </package>
2001 <package name="0204/5">
2002 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2003 type 0204, grid 5 mm</description>
2004 <wire x1="2.54" y1="0" x2="2.032" y2="0" width="0.508" layer="51"/>
2005 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="0" x2="-2.032" y2="0" width="0.508" layer="51"/>
2006 <wire x1="-1.778" y1="0.635" x2="-1.524" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2007 <wire x1="-1.778" y1="-0.635" x2="-1.524" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2008 <wire x1="1.524" y1="-0.889" x2="1.778" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2009 <wire x1="1.524" y1="0.889" x2="1.778" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2010 <wire x1="-1.778" y1="-0.635" x2="-1.778" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2011 <wire x1="-1.524" y1="0.889" x2="-1.27" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2012 <wire x1="-1.143" y1="0.762" x2="-1.27" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2013 <wire x1="-1.524" y1="-0.889" x2="-1.27" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2014 <wire x1="-1.143" y1="-0.762" x2="-1.27" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2015 <wire x1="1.143" y1="0.762" x2="1.27" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2016 <wire x1="1.143" y1="0.762" x2="-1.143" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2017 <wire x1="1.143" y1="-0.762" x2="1.27" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2018 <wire x1="1.143" y1="-0.762" x2="-1.143" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2019 <wire x1="1.524" y1="0.889" x2="1.27" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2020 <wire x1="1.524" y1="-0.889" x2="1.27" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2021 <wire x1="1.778" y1="-0.635" x2="1.778" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2022 <pad name="1" x="-2.54" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2023 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2024 <text x="-2.0066" y="1.1684" size="0.9906" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2025 <text x="-2.1336" y="-2.3114" size="0.9906" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2026 <rectangle x1="-2.032" y1="-0.254" x2="-1.778" y2="0.254" layer="51"/>
2027 <rectangle x1="1.778" y1="-0.254" x2="2.032" y2="0.254" layer="51"/>
2028 </package>
2029 <package name="0204/7">
2030 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2031 type 0204, grid 7.5 mm</description>
2032 <wire x1="3.81" y1="0" x2="2.921" y2="0" width="0.508" layer="51"/>
2033 <wire x1="-3.81" y1="0" x2="-2.921" y2="0" width="0.508" layer="51"/>
2034 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="0.762" x2="-2.286" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2035 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="-0.762" x2="-2.286" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2036 <wire x1="2.286" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2037 <wire x1="2.286" y1="1.016" x2="2.54" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2038 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="-0.762" x2="-2.54" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2039 <wire x1="-2.286" y1="1.016" x2="-1.905" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2040 <wire x1="-1.778" y1="0.889" x2="-1.905" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2041 <wire x1="-2.286" y1="-1.016" x2="-1.905" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2042 <wire x1="-1.778" y1="-0.889" x2="-1.905" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2043 <wire x1="1.778" y1="0.889" x2="1.905" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2044 <wire x1="1.778" y1="0.889" x2="-1.778" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2045 <wire x1="1.778" y1="-0.889" x2="1.905" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2046 <wire x1="1.778" y1="-0.889" x2="-1.778" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2047 <wire x1="2.286" y1="1.016" x2="1.905" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2048 <wire x1="2.286" y1="-1.016" x2="1.905" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2049 <wire x1="2.54" y1="-0.762" x2="2.54" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2050 <pad name="1" x="-3.81" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2051 <pad name="2" x="3.81" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2052 <text x="-2.54" y="1.2954" size="0.9906" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2053 <text x="-1.6256" y="-0.4826" size="0.9906" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2054 <rectangle x1="2.54" y1="-0.254" x2="2.921" y2="0.254" layer="21"/>
2055 <rectangle x1="-2.921" y1="-0.254" x2="-2.54" y2="0.254" layer="21"/>
2056 </package>
2057 <package name="0204V">
2058 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2059 type 0204, grid 2.5 mm</description>
2060 <wire x1="-1.27" y1="0" x2="1.27" y2="0" width="0.508" layer="51"/>
2061 <wire x1="-0.127" y1="0" x2="0.127" y2="0" width="0.508" layer="21"/>
2062 <circle x="-1.27" y="0" radius="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2063 <circle x="-1.27" y="0" radius="0.635" width="0.0508" layer="51"/>
2064 <pad name="1" x="-1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2065 <pad name="2" x="1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2066 <text x="-2.1336" y="1.1684" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2067 <text x="-2.1336" y="-2.3114" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2068 </package>
2069 <package name="0207/10">
2070 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2071 type 0207, grid 10 mm</description>
2072 <wire x1="5.08" y1="0" x2="4.064" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2073 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="0" x2="-4.064" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2074 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2075 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2076 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="3.175" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2077 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2078 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2079 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2080 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2081 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2082 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2083 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2084 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2085 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2086 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2087 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2088 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2089 <wire x1="3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2090 <pad name="1" x="-5.08" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2091 <pad name="2" x="5.08" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2092 <text x="-3.048" y="1.524" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2093 <text x="-2.2606" y="-0.635" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2094 <rectangle x1="3.175" y1="-0.3048" x2="4.0386" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2095 <rectangle x1="-4.0386" y1="-0.3048" x2="-3.175" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2096 </package>
2097 <package name="0207/12">
2098 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2099 type 0207, grid 12 mm</description>
2100 <wire x1="6.35" y1="0" x2="5.334" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2101 <wire x1="-6.35" y1="0" x2="-5.334" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2102 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2103 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2104 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="3.175" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2105 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2106 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2107 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2108 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2109 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2110 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2111 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2112 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2113 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2114 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2115 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2116 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2117 <wire x1="3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2118 <wire x1="4.445" y1="0" x2="4.064" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
2119 <wire x1="-4.445" y1="0" x2="-4.064" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
2120 <pad name="1" x="-6.35" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2121 <pad name="2" x="6.35" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2122 <text x="-3.175" y="1.397" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2123 <text x="-2.286" y="-0.6858" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2124 <rectangle x1="3.175" y1="-0.3048" x2="4.0386" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2125 <rectangle x1="-4.0386" y1="-0.3048" x2="-3.175" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2126 <rectangle x1="4.445" y1="-0.3048" x2="5.3086" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2127 <rectangle x1="-5.3086" y1="-0.3048" x2="-4.445" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2128 </package>
2129 <package name="0207/15">
2130 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2131 type 0207, grid 15mm</description>
2132 <wire x1="7.62" y1="0" x2="6.604" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2133 <wire x1="-7.62" y1="0" x2="-6.604" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2134 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2135 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2136 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="3.175" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2137 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2138 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2139 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2140 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2141 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2142 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2143 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2144 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2145 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2146 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2147 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2148 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2149 <wire x1="3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2150 <wire x1="5.715" y1="0" x2="4.064" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
2151 <wire x1="-5.715" y1="0" x2="-4.064" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
2152 <pad name="1" x="-7.62" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2153 <pad name="2" x="7.62" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2154 <text x="-3.175" y="1.397" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2155 <text x="-2.286" y="-0.6858" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2156 <rectangle x1="3.175" y1="-0.3048" x2="4.0386" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2157 <rectangle x1="-4.0386" y1="-0.3048" x2="-3.175" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2158 <rectangle x1="5.715" y1="-0.3048" x2="6.5786" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2159 <rectangle x1="-6.5786" y1="-0.3048" x2="-5.715" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2160 </package>
2161 <package name="0207/2V">
2162 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2163 type 0207, grid 2.5 mm</description>
2164 <wire x1="-1.27" y1="0" x2="-0.381" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2165 <wire x1="-0.254" y1="0" x2="0.254" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
2166 <wire x1="0.381" y1="0" x2="1.27" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2167 <circle x="-1.27" y="0" radius="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2168 <circle x="-1.27" y="0" radius="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2169 <pad name="1" x="-1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2170 <pad name="2" x="1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2171 <text x="-0.0508" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2172 <text x="-0.0508" y="-2.2352" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2173 </package>
2174 <package name="0207/5V">
2175 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2176 type 0207, grid 5 mm</description>
2177 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="0" x2="-0.889" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2178 <wire x1="-0.762" y1="0" x2="0.762" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
2179 <wire x1="0.889" y1="0" x2="2.54" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2180 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="1.27" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2181 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2182 <pad name="1" x="-2.54" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2183 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2184 <text x="-1.143" y="0.889" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2185 <text x="-1.143" y="-2.159" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2186 </package>
2187 <package name="0207/7">
2188 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2189 type 0207, grid 7.5 mm</description>
2190 <wire x1="-3.81" y1="0" x2="-3.429" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2191 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2192 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-2.921" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2193 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="3.175" y2="-0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2194 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2195 <wire x1="-3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="-3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2196 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2197 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2198 <wire x1="-2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2199 <wire x1="-2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2200 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2201 <wire x1="2.413" y1="1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2202 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2203 <wire x1="2.413" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2204 <wire x1="2.921" y1="1.143" x2="2.54" y2="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2205 <wire x1="2.921" y1="-1.143" x2="2.54" y2="-1.143" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2206 <wire x1="3.175" y1="-0.889" x2="3.175" y2="0.889" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2207 <wire x1="3.429" y1="0" x2="3.81" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2208 <pad name="1" x="-3.81" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2209 <pad name="2" x="3.81" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2210 <text x="-2.54" y="1.397" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2211 <text x="-2.286" y="-0.5588" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2212 <rectangle x1="-3.429" y1="-0.3048" x2="-3.175" y2="0.3048" layer="51"/>
2213 <rectangle x1="3.175" y1="-0.3048" x2="3.429" y2="0.3048" layer="51"/>
2214 </package>
2215 <package name="0309/10">
2216 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2217 type 0309, grid 10mm</description>
2218 <wire x1="-4.699" y1="0" x2="-5.08" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2219 <wire x1="-4.318" y1="1.27" x2="-4.064" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2220 <wire x1="-4.318" y1="-1.27" x2="-4.064" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2221 <wire x1="4.064" y1="-1.524" x2="4.318" y2="-1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2222 <wire x1="4.064" y1="1.524" x2="4.318" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2223 <wire x1="-4.318" y1="-1.27" x2="-4.318" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2224 <wire x1="-4.064" y1="1.524" x2="-3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2225 <wire x1="-3.302" y1="1.397" x2="-3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2226 <wire x1="-4.064" y1="-1.524" x2="-3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2227 <wire x1="-3.302" y1="-1.397" x2="-3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2228 <wire x1="3.302" y1="1.397" x2="3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2229 <wire x1="3.302" y1="1.397" x2="-3.302" y2="1.397" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2230 <wire x1="3.302" y1="-1.397" x2="3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2231 <wire x1="3.302" y1="-1.397" x2="-3.302" y2="-1.397" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2232 <wire x1="4.064" y1="1.524" x2="3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2233 <wire x1="4.064" y1="-1.524" x2="3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2234 <wire x1="4.318" y1="-1.27" x2="4.318" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2235 <wire x1="5.08" y1="0" x2="4.699" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2236 <pad name="1" x="-5.08" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2237 <pad name="2" x="5.08" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2238 <text x="-4.191" y="1.905" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2239 <text x="-3.175" y="-0.6858" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2240 <rectangle x1="-4.6228" y1="-0.3048" x2="-4.318" y2="0.3048" layer="51"/>
2241 <rectangle x1="4.318" y1="-0.3048" x2="4.6228" y2="0.3048" layer="51"/>
2242 </package>
2243 <package name="0309/12">
2244 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2245 type 0309, grid 12.5 mm</description>
2246 <wire x1="6.35" y1="0" x2="5.08" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2247 <wire x1="-6.35" y1="0" x2="-5.08" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2248 <wire x1="-4.318" y1="1.27" x2="-4.064" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2249 <wire x1="-4.318" y1="-1.27" x2="-4.064" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2250 <wire x1="4.064" y1="-1.524" x2="4.318" y2="-1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2251 <wire x1="4.064" y1="1.524" x2="4.318" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2252 <wire x1="-4.318" y1="-1.27" x2="-4.318" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2253 <wire x1="-4.064" y1="1.524" x2="-3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2254 <wire x1="-3.302" y1="1.397" x2="-3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2255 <wire x1="-4.064" y1="-1.524" x2="-3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2256 <wire x1="-3.302" y1="-1.397" x2="-3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2257 <wire x1="3.302" y1="1.397" x2="3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2258 <wire x1="3.302" y1="1.397" x2="-3.302" y2="1.397" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2259 <wire x1="3.302" y1="-1.397" x2="3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2260 <wire x1="3.302" y1="-1.397" x2="-3.302" y2="-1.397" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2261 <wire x1="4.064" y1="1.524" x2="3.429" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2262 <wire x1="4.064" y1="-1.524" x2="3.429" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2263 <wire x1="4.318" y1="-1.27" x2="4.318" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2264 <pad name="1" x="-6.35" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2265 <pad name="2" x="6.35" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2266 <text x="-4.191" y="1.905" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2267 <text x="-3.175" y="-0.6858" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2268 <rectangle x1="4.318" y1="-0.3048" x2="5.1816" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2269 <rectangle x1="-5.1816" y1="-0.3048" x2="-4.318" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2270 </package>
2271 <package name="0309V">
2272 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2273 type 0309, grid 2.5 mm</description>
2274 <wire x1="1.27" y1="0" x2="0.635" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2275 <wire x1="-0.635" y1="0" x2="-1.27" y2="0" width="0.6096" layer="51"/>
2276 <circle x="-1.27" y="0" radius="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2277 <circle x="-1.27" y="0" radius="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2278 <pad name="1" x="-1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2279 <pad name="2" x="1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2280 <text x="0.254" y="1.016" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2281 <text x="0.254" y="-2.2098" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2282 <rectangle x1="0.254" y1="-0.3048" x2="0.5588" y2="0.3048" layer="51"/>
2283 <rectangle x1="-0.635" y1="-0.3048" x2="-0.3302" y2="0.3048" layer="51"/>
2284 <rectangle x1="-0.3302" y1="-0.3048" x2="0.254" y2="0.3048" layer="21"/>
2285 </package>
2286 <package name="0411/12">
2287 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2288 type 0411, grid 12.5 mm</description>
2289 <wire x1="6.35" y1="0" x2="5.461" y2="0" width="0.762" layer="51"/>
2290 <wire x1="-6.35" y1="0" x2="-5.461" y2="0" width="0.762" layer="51"/>
2291 <wire x1="5.08" y1="-1.651" x2="5.08" y2="1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2292 <wire x1="4.699" y1="2.032" x2="5.08" y2="1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2293 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="-1.651" x2="-4.699" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2294 <wire x1="4.699" y1="-2.032" x2="5.08" y2="-1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2295 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="1.651" x2="-4.699" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2296 <wire x1="4.699" y1="2.032" x2="4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2297 <wire x1="3.937" y1="1.905" x2="4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2298 <wire x1="4.699" y1="-2.032" x2="4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2299 <wire x1="3.937" y1="-1.905" x2="4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2300 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="1.905" x2="-4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2301 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="1.905" x2="3.937" y2="1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2302 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="-1.905" x2="-4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2303 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="-1.905" x2="3.937" y2="-1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2304 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="1.651" x2="-5.08" y2="-1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2305 <wire x1="-4.699" y1="2.032" x2="-4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2306 <wire x1="-4.699" y1="-2.032" x2="-4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2307 <pad name="1" x="-6.35" y="0" drill="0.9144" shape="octagon"/>
2308 <pad name="2" x="6.35" y="0" drill="0.9144" shape="octagon"/>
2309 <text x="-5.08" y="2.413" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2310 <text x="-3.5814" y="-0.635" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2311 <rectangle x1="-5.3594" y1="-0.381" x2="-5.08" y2="0.381" layer="21"/>
2312 <rectangle x1="5.08" y1="-0.381" x2="5.3594" y2="0.381" layer="21"/>
2313 </package>
2314 <package name="0411/15">
2315 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2316 type 0411, grid 15 mm</description>
2317 <wire x1="5.08" y1="-1.651" x2="5.08" y2="1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2318 <wire x1="4.699" y1="2.032" x2="5.08" y2="1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2319 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="-1.651" x2="-4.699" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2320 <wire x1="4.699" y1="-2.032" x2="5.08" y2="-1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2321 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="1.651" x2="-4.699" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2322 <wire x1="4.699" y1="2.032" x2="4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2323 <wire x1="3.937" y1="1.905" x2="4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2324 <wire x1="4.699" y1="-2.032" x2="4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2325 <wire x1="3.937" y1="-1.905" x2="4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2326 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="1.905" x2="-4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2327 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="1.905" x2="3.937" y2="1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2328 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="-1.905" x2="-4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2329 <wire x1="-3.937" y1="-1.905" x2="3.937" y2="-1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2330 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="1.651" x2="-5.08" y2="-1.651" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2331 <wire x1="-4.699" y1="2.032" x2="-4.064" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2332 <wire x1="-4.699" y1="-2.032" x2="-4.064" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2333 <wire x1="-7.62" y1="0" x2="-6.35" y2="0" width="0.762" layer="51"/>
2334 <wire x1="6.35" y1="0" x2="7.62" y2="0" width="0.762" layer="51"/>
2335 <pad name="1" x="-7.62" y="0" drill="0.9144" shape="octagon"/>
2336 <pad name="2" x="7.62" y="0" drill="0.9144" shape="octagon"/>
2337 <text x="-5.08" y="2.413" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2338 <text x="-3.5814" y="-0.635" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2339 <rectangle x1="5.08" y1="-0.381" x2="6.477" y2="0.381" layer="21"/>
2340 <rectangle x1="-6.477" y1="-0.381" x2="-5.08" y2="0.381" layer="21"/>
2341 </package>
2342 <package name="0411V">
2343 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2344 type 0411, grid 3.81 mm</description>
2345 <wire x1="1.27" y1="0" x2="0.3048" y2="0" width="0.762" layer="51"/>
2346 <wire x1="-1.5748" y1="0" x2="-2.54" y2="0" width="0.762" layer="51"/>
2347 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2348 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2349 <pad name="1" x="-2.54" y="0" drill="0.9144" shape="octagon"/>
2350 <pad name="2" x="1.27" y="0" drill="0.9144" shape="octagon"/>
2351 <text x="-0.508" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2352 <text x="-0.5334" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2353 <rectangle x1="-1.4732" y1="-0.381" x2="0.2032" y2="0.381" layer="21"/>
2354 </package>
2355 <package name="0414/15">
2356 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2357 type 0414, grid 15 mm</description>
2358 <wire x1="7.62" y1="0" x2="6.604" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2359 <wire x1="-7.62" y1="0" x2="-6.604" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2360 <wire x1="-6.096" y1="1.905" x2="-5.842" y2="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2361 <wire x1="-6.096" y1="-1.905" x2="-5.842" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2362 <wire x1="5.842" y1="-2.159" x2="6.096" y2="-1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2363 <wire x1="5.842" y1="2.159" x2="6.096" y2="1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2364 <wire x1="-6.096" y1="-1.905" x2="-6.096" y2="1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2365 <wire x1="-5.842" y1="2.159" x2="-4.953" y2="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2366 <wire x1="-4.826" y1="2.032" x2="-4.953" y2="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2367 <wire x1="-5.842" y1="-2.159" x2="-4.953" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2368 <wire x1="-4.826" y1="-2.032" x2="-4.953" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2369 <wire x1="4.826" y1="2.032" x2="4.953" y2="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2370 <wire x1="4.826" y1="2.032" x2="-4.826" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2371 <wire x1="4.826" y1="-2.032" x2="4.953" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2372 <wire x1="4.826" y1="-2.032" x2="-4.826" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2373 <wire x1="5.842" y1="2.159" x2="4.953" y2="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2374 <wire x1="5.842" y1="-2.159" x2="4.953" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2375 <wire x1="6.096" y1="-1.905" x2="6.096" y2="1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2376 <pad name="1" x="-7.62" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2377 <pad name="2" x="7.62" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2378 <text x="-6.096" y="2.5654" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2379 <text x="-4.318" y="-0.5842" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2380 <rectangle x1="6.096" y1="-0.4064" x2="6.5024" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2381 <rectangle x1="-6.5024" y1="-0.4064" x2="-6.096" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2382 </package>
2383 <package name="0414V">
2384 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2385 type 0414, grid 5 mm</description>
2386 <wire x1="2.54" y1="0" x2="1.397" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2387 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="0" x2="-1.397" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2388 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2389 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2390 <pad name="1" x="-2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2391 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2392 <text x="-0.381" y="1.1684" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2393 <text x="-0.381" y="-2.3622" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2394 <rectangle x1="-1.2954" y1="-0.4064" x2="1.2954" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2395 </package>
2396 <package name="0617/17">
2397 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2398 type 0617, grid 17.5 mm</description>
2399 <wire x1="-8.89" y1="0" x2="-8.636" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2400 <wire x1="-7.874" y1="3.048" x2="-6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2401 <wire x1="-6.731" y1="2.794" x2="-6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2402 <wire x1="-7.874" y1="-3.048" x2="-6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2403 <wire x1="-6.731" y1="-2.794" x2="-6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2404 <wire x1="6.731" y1="2.794" x2="6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2405 <wire x1="6.731" y1="2.794" x2="-6.731" y2="2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2406 <wire x1="6.731" y1="-2.794" x2="6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2407 <wire x1="6.731" y1="-2.794" x2="-6.731" y2="-2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2408 <wire x1="7.874" y1="3.048" x2="6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2409 <wire x1="7.874" y1="-3.048" x2="6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2410 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="-2.667" x2="-8.255" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2411 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="1.016" x2="-8.255" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2412 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="1.016" x2="-8.255" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2413 <wire x1="8.255" y1="-2.667" x2="8.255" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2414 <wire x1="8.255" y1="1.016" x2="8.255" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2415 <wire x1="8.255" y1="1.016" x2="8.255" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2416 <wire x1="8.636" y1="0" x2="8.89" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2417 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="2.667" x2="-7.874" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2418 <wire x1="7.874" y1="3.048" x2="8.255" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2419 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="-2.667" x2="-7.874" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2420 <wire x1="7.874" y1="-3.048" x2="8.255" y2="-2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2421 <pad name="1" x="-8.89" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2422 <pad name="2" x="8.89" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2423 <text x="-8.128" y="3.4544" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2424 <text x="-6.096" y="-0.7112" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2425 <rectangle x1="-8.5344" y1="-0.4064" x2="-8.2296" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2426 <rectangle x1="8.2296" y1="-0.4064" x2="8.5344" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2427 </package>
2428 <package name="0617/22">
2429 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2430 type 0617, grid 22.5 mm</description>
2431 <wire x1="-10.287" y1="0" x2="-11.43" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2432 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="-2.667" x2="-8.255" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2433 <wire x1="-7.874" y1="3.048" x2="-6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2434 <wire x1="-6.731" y1="2.794" x2="-6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2435 <wire x1="-7.874" y1="-3.048" x2="-6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2436 <wire x1="-6.731" y1="-2.794" x2="-6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2437 <wire x1="6.731" y1="2.794" x2="6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2438 <wire x1="6.731" y1="2.794" x2="-6.731" y2="2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2439 <wire x1="6.731" y1="-2.794" x2="6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2440 <wire x1="6.731" y1="-2.794" x2="-6.731" y2="-2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2441 <wire x1="7.874" y1="3.048" x2="6.985" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2442 <wire x1="7.874" y1="-3.048" x2="6.985" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2443 <wire x1="8.255" y1="-2.667" x2="8.255" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2444 <wire x1="11.43" y1="0" x2="10.287" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2445 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="2.667" x2="-7.874" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2446 <wire x1="-8.255" y1="-2.667" x2="-7.874" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2447 <wire x1="7.874" y1="3.048" x2="8.255" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2448 <wire x1="7.874" y1="-3.048" x2="8.255" y2="-2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2449 <pad name="1" x="-11.43" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2450 <pad name="2" x="11.43" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2451 <text x="-8.255" y="3.4544" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2452 <text x="-6.477" y="-0.5842" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2453 <rectangle x1="-10.1854" y1="-0.4064" x2="-8.255" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2454 <rectangle x1="8.255" y1="-0.4064" x2="10.1854" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2455 </package>
2456 <package name="0617V">
2457 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2458 type 0617, grid 5 mm</description>
2459 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="0" x2="-1.27" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2460 <wire x1="1.27" y1="0" x2="2.54" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2461 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2462 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2463 <pad name="1" x="-2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2464 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2465 <text x="0.635" y="1.4224" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2466 <text x="0.635" y="-2.6162" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2467 <rectangle x1="-1.3208" y1="-0.4064" x2="1.3208" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2468 </package>
2469 <package name="0922/22">
2470 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2471 type 0922, grid 22.5 mm</description>
2472 <wire x1="11.43" y1="0" x2="10.795" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2473 <wire x1="-11.43" y1="0" x2="-10.795" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2474 <wire x1="-10.16" y1="-4.191" x2="-10.16" y2="4.191" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2475 <wire x1="-9.779" y1="4.572" x2="-8.89" y2="4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2476 <wire x1="-8.636" y1="4.318" x2="-8.89" y2="4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2477 <wire x1="-9.779" y1="-4.572" x2="-8.89" y2="-4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2478 <wire x1="-8.636" y1="-4.318" x2="-8.89" y2="-4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2479 <wire x1="8.636" y1="4.318" x2="8.89" y2="4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2480 <wire x1="8.636" y1="4.318" x2="-8.636" y2="4.318" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2481 <wire x1="8.636" y1="-4.318" x2="8.89" y2="-4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2482 <wire x1="8.636" y1="-4.318" x2="-8.636" y2="-4.318" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2483 <wire x1="9.779" y1="4.572" x2="8.89" y2="4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2484 <wire x1="9.779" y1="-4.572" x2="8.89" y2="-4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2485 <wire x1="10.16" y1="-4.191" x2="10.16" y2="4.191" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2486 <wire x1="-10.16" y1="-4.191" x2="-9.779" y2="-4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2487 <wire x1="-10.16" y1="4.191" x2="-9.779" y2="4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2488 <wire x1="9.779" y1="-4.572" x2="10.16" y2="-4.191" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2489 <wire x1="9.779" y1="4.572" x2="10.16" y2="4.191" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2490 <pad name="1" x="-11.43" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2491 <pad name="2" x="11.43" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2492 <text x="-10.16" y="5.1054" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2493 <text x="-6.477" y="-0.5842" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2494 <rectangle x1="-10.7188" y1="-0.4064" x2="-10.16" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2495 <rectangle x1="10.16" y1="-0.4064" x2="10.3124" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2496 <rectangle x1="-10.3124" y1="-0.4064" x2="-10.16" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2497 <rectangle x1="10.16" y1="-0.4064" x2="10.7188" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2498 </package>
2499 <package name="P0613V">
2500 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2501 type 0613, grid 5 mm</description>
2502 <wire x1="2.54" y1="0" x2="1.397" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2503 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="0" x2="-1.397" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2504 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2505 <circle x="-2.54" y="0" radius="1.143" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2506 <pad name="1" x="-2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2507 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2508 <text x="-0.254" y="1.143" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2509 <text x="-0.254" y="-2.413" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2510 <rectangle x1="-1.2954" y1="-0.4064" x2="1.3208" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2511 </package>
2512 <package name="P0613/15">
2513 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2514 type 0613, grid 15 mm</description>
2515 <wire x1="7.62" y1="0" x2="6.985" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2516 <wire x1="-7.62" y1="0" x2="-6.985" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2517 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="2.032" x2="-6.223" y2="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2518 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="-2.032" x2="-6.223" y2="-2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2519 <wire x1="6.223" y1="-2.286" x2="6.477" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2520 <wire x1="6.223" y1="2.286" x2="6.477" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2521 <wire x1="-6.223" y1="2.286" x2="-5.334" y2="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2522 <wire x1="-5.207" y1="2.159" x2="-5.334" y2="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2523 <wire x1="-6.223" y1="-2.286" x2="-5.334" y2="-2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2524 <wire x1="-5.207" y1="-2.159" x2="-5.334" y2="-2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2525 <wire x1="5.207" y1="2.159" x2="5.334" y2="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2526 <wire x1="5.207" y1="2.159" x2="-5.207" y2="2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2527 <wire x1="5.207" y1="-2.159" x2="5.334" y2="-2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2528 <wire x1="5.207" y1="-2.159" x2="-5.207" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2529 <wire x1="6.223" y1="2.286" x2="5.334" y2="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2530 <wire x1="6.223" y1="-2.286" x2="5.334" y2="-2.286" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2531 <wire x1="6.477" y1="-0.635" x2="6.477" y2="-2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2532 <wire x1="6.477" y1="-0.635" x2="6.477" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2533 <wire x1="6.477" y1="2.032" x2="6.477" y2="0.635" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2534 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="-2.032" x2="-6.477" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2535 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="0.635" x2="-6.477" y2="-0.635" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2536 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="0.635" x2="-6.477" y2="2.032" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2537 <pad name="1" x="-7.62" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2538 <pad name="2" x="7.62" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2539 <text x="-6.477" y="2.6924" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2540 <text x="-4.318" y="-0.7112" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2541 <rectangle x1="-7.0358" y1="-0.4064" x2="-6.477" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2542 <rectangle x1="6.477" y1="-0.4064" x2="7.0358" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2543 </package>
2544 <package name="P0817/22">
2545 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2546 type 0817, grid 22.5 mm</description>
2547 <wire x1="-10.414" y1="0" x2="-11.43" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2548 <wire x1="-8.509" y1="-3.429" x2="-8.509" y2="3.429" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2549 <wire x1="-8.128" y1="3.81" x2="-7.239" y2="3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2550 <wire x1="-6.985" y1="3.556" x2="-7.239" y2="3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2551 <wire x1="-8.128" y1="-3.81" x2="-7.239" y2="-3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2552 <wire x1="-6.985" y1="-3.556" x2="-7.239" y2="-3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2553 <wire x1="6.985" y1="3.556" x2="7.239" y2="3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2554 <wire x1="6.985" y1="3.556" x2="-6.985" y2="3.556" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2555 <wire x1="6.985" y1="-3.556" x2="7.239" y2="-3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2556 <wire x1="6.985" y1="-3.556" x2="-6.985" y2="-3.556" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2557 <wire x1="8.128" y1="3.81" x2="7.239" y2="3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2558 <wire x1="8.128" y1="-3.81" x2="7.239" y2="-3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2559 <wire x1="8.509" y1="-3.429" x2="8.509" y2="3.429" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2560 <wire x1="11.43" y1="0" x2="10.414" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2561 <wire x1="-8.509" y1="3.429" x2="-8.128" y2="3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2562 <wire x1="-8.509" y1="-3.429" x2="-8.128" y2="-3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2563 <wire x1="8.128" y1="3.81" x2="8.509" y2="3.429" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2564 <wire x1="8.128" y1="-3.81" x2="8.509" y2="-3.429" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2565 <pad name="1" x="-11.43" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2566 <pad name="2" x="11.43" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2567 <text x="-8.382" y="4.2164" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2568 <text x="-6.223" y="-0.5842" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2569 <text x="6.604" y="-2.2606" size="1.27" layer="51" ratio="10" rot="R90">0817</text>
2570 <rectangle x1="8.509" y1="-0.4064" x2="10.3124" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2571 <rectangle x1="-10.3124" y1="-0.4064" x2="-8.509" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2572 </package>
2573 <package name="P0817V">
2574 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2575 type 0817, grid 6.35 mm</description>
2576 <wire x1="-3.81" y1="0" x2="-5.08" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2577 <wire x1="1.27" y1="0" x2="0" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2578 <circle x="-5.08" y="0" radius="3.81" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2579 <circle x="-5.08" y="0" radius="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2580 <pad name="1" x="-5.08" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2581 <pad name="2" x="1.27" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2582 <text x="-1.016" y="1.27" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2583 <text x="-1.016" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2584 <text x="-6.858" y="2.032" size="1.016" layer="21" ratio="12">0817</text>
2585 <rectangle x1="-3.81" y1="-0.4064" x2="0" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2586 </package>
2587 <package name="V234/12">
2588 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2589 type V234, grid 12.5 mm</description>
2590 <wire x1="-4.953" y1="1.524" x2="-4.699" y2="1.778" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2591 <wire x1="4.699" y1="1.778" x2="4.953" y2="1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2592 <wire x1="4.699" y1="-1.778" x2="4.953" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2593 <wire x1="-4.953" y1="-1.524" x2="-4.699" y2="-1.778" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2594 <wire x1="-4.699" y1="1.778" x2="4.699" y2="1.778" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2595 <wire x1="-4.953" y1="1.524" x2="-4.953" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2596 <wire x1="4.699" y1="-1.778" x2="-4.699" y2="-1.778" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2597 <wire x1="4.953" y1="1.524" x2="4.953" y2="-1.524" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2598 <wire x1="6.35" y1="0" x2="5.461" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2599 <wire x1="-6.35" y1="0" x2="-5.461" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2600 <pad name="1" x="-6.35" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2601 <pad name="2" x="6.35" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2602 <text x="-4.953" y="2.159" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2603 <text x="-3.81" y="-0.635" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2604 <rectangle x1="4.953" y1="-0.4064" x2="5.4102" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2605 <rectangle x1="-5.4102" y1="-0.4064" x2="-4.953" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2606 </package>
2607 <package name="V235/17">
2608 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2609 type V235, grid 17.78 mm</description>
2610 <wire x1="-6.731" y1="2.921" x2="6.731" y2="2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2611 <wire x1="-7.112" y1="2.54" x2="-7.112" y2="-2.54" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2612 <wire x1="6.731" y1="-2.921" x2="-6.731" y2="-2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2613 <wire x1="7.112" y1="2.54" x2="7.112" y2="-2.54" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2614 <wire x1="8.89" y1="0" x2="7.874" y2="0" width="1.016" layer="51"/>
2615 <wire x1="-7.874" y1="0" x2="-8.89" y2="0" width="1.016" layer="51"/>
2616 <wire x1="-7.112" y1="-2.54" x2="-6.731" y2="-2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2617 <wire x1="6.731" y1="2.921" x2="7.112" y2="2.54" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2618 <wire x1="6.731" y1="-2.921" x2="7.112" y2="-2.54" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2619 <wire x1="-7.112" y1="2.54" x2="-6.731" y2="2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2620 <pad name="1" x="-8.89" y="0" drill="1.1938" shape="octagon"/>
2621 <pad name="2" x="8.89" y="0" drill="1.1938" shape="octagon"/>
2622 <text x="-6.858" y="3.302" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2623 <text x="-5.842" y="-0.635" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2624 <rectangle x1="7.112" y1="-0.508" x2="7.747" y2="0.508" layer="21"/>
2625 <rectangle x1="-7.747" y1="-0.508" x2="-7.112" y2="0.508" layer="21"/>
2626 </package>
2627 <package name="V526-0">
2628 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2629 type V526-0, grid 2.5 mm</description>
2630 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="1.016" x2="-2.286" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2631 <wire x1="2.286" y1="1.27" x2="2.54" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2632 <wire x1="2.286" y1="-1.27" x2="2.54" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2633 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="-1.016" x2="-2.286" y2="-1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2634 <wire x1="2.286" y1="1.27" x2="-2.286" y2="1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2635 <wire x1="2.54" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2636 <wire x1="-2.286" y1="-1.27" x2="2.286" y2="-1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2637 <wire x1="-2.54" y1="1.016" x2="-2.54" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2638 <pad name="1" x="-1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2639 <pad name="2" x="1.27" y="0" drill="0.8128" shape="octagon"/>
2640 <text x="-2.413" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2641 <text x="-2.413" y="-2.794" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2642 </package>
2643 <package name="MINI_MELF-0102R">
2644 <description>&lt;b&gt;CECC Size RC2211&lt;/b&gt; Reflow Soldering&lt;p&gt;
2645 source Beyschlag</description>
2646 <wire x1="-1" y1="-0.5" x2="1" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2647 <wire x1="1" y1="-0.5" x2="1" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2648 <wire x1="1" y1="0.5" x2="-1" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2649 <wire x1="-1" y1="0.5" x2="-1" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2650 <smd name="1" x="-0.9" y="0" dx="0.5" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2651 <smd name="2" x="0.9" y="0" dx="0.5" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2652 <text x="-1.27" y="0.9525" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2653 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.2225" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2654 </package>
2655 <package name="MINI_MELF-0102W">
2656 <description>&lt;b&gt;CECC Size RC2211&lt;/b&gt; Wave Soldering&lt;p&gt;
2657 source Beyschlag</description>
2658 <wire x1="-1" y1="-0.5" x2="1" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2659 <wire x1="1" y1="-0.5" x2="1" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2660 <wire x1="1" y1="0.5" x2="-1" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2661 <wire x1="-1" y1="0.5" x2="-1" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2662 <smd name="1" x="-0.95" y="0" dx="0.6" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2663 <smd name="2" x="0.95" y="0" dx="0.6" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2664 <text x="-1.27" y="0.9525" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2665 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.2225" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2666 </package>
2667 <package name="MINI_MELF-0204R">
2668 <description>&lt;b&gt;CECC Size RC3715&lt;/b&gt; Reflow Soldering&lt;p&gt;
2669 source Beyschlag</description>
2670 <wire x1="-1.7" y1="-0.6" x2="1.7" y2="-0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2671 <wire x1="1.7" y1="-0.6" x2="1.7" y2="0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2672 <wire x1="1.7" y1="0.6" x2="-1.7" y2="0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2673 <wire x1="-1.7" y1="0.6" x2="-1.7" y2="-0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2674 <smd name="1" x="-1.5" y="0" dx="0.8" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2675 <smd name="2" x="1.5" y="0" dx="0.8" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2676 <text x="-1.27" y="0.9525" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2677 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.2225" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2678 </package>
2679 <package name="MINI_MELF-0204W">
2680 <description>&lt;b&gt;CECC Size RC3715&lt;/b&gt; Wave Soldering&lt;p&gt;
2681 source Beyschlag</description>
2682 <wire x1="-1.7" y1="-0.6" x2="1.7" y2="-0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2683 <wire x1="1.7" y1="-0.6" x2="1.7" y2="0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2684 <wire x1="1.7" y1="0.6" x2="-1.7" y2="0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2685 <wire x1="-1.7" y1="0.6" x2="-1.7" y2="-0.6" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2686 <smd name="1" x="-1.5" y="0" dx="1.2" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2687 <smd name="2" x="1.5" y="0" dx="1.2" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2688 <text x="-1.27" y="0.9525" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2689 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.2225" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2690 </package>
2691 <package name="MINI_MELF-0207R">
2692 <description>&lt;b&gt;CECC Size RC6123&lt;/b&gt; Reflow Soldering&lt;p&gt;
2693 source Beyschlag</description>
2694 <wire x1="-2.8" y1="-1" x2="2.8" y2="-1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2695 <wire x1="2.8" y1="-1" x2="2.8" y2="1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2696 <wire x1="2.8" y1="1" x2="-2.8" y2="1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2697 <wire x1="-2.8" y1="1" x2="-2.8" y2="-1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2698 <smd name="1" x="-2.25" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2.5" layer="1"/>
2699 <smd name="2" x="2.25" y="0" dx="1.6" dy="2.5" layer="1"/>
2700 <text x="-2.2225" y="1.5875" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2701 <text x="-2.2225" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2702 </package>
2703 <package name="MINI_MELF-0207W">
2704 <description>&lt;b&gt;CECC Size RC6123&lt;/b&gt; Wave Soldering&lt;p&gt;
2705 source Beyschlag</description>
2706 <wire x1="-2.8" y1="-1" x2="2.8" y2="-1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2707 <wire x1="2.8" y1="-1" x2="2.8" y2="1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2708 <wire x1="2.8" y1="1" x2="-2.8" y2="1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2709 <wire x1="-2.8" y1="1" x2="-2.8" y2="-1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
2710 <smd name="1" x="-2.6" y="0" dx="2.4" dy="2.5" layer="1"/>
2711 <smd name="2" x="2.6" y="0" dx="2.4" dy="2.5" layer="1"/>
2712 <text x="-2.54" y="1.5875" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2713 <text x="-2.54" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2714 </package>
2715 <package name="0922V">
2716 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2717 type 0922, grid 7.5 mm</description>
2718 <wire x1="2.54" y1="0" x2="1.397" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2719 <wire x1="-5.08" y1="0" x2="-3.81" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2720 <circle x="-5.08" y="0" radius="4.572" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2721 <circle x="-5.08" y="0" radius="1.905" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2722 <pad name="1" x="-5.08" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2723 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2724 <text x="-0.508" y="1.6764" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2725 <text x="-0.508" y="-2.9972" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2726 <text x="-6.858" y="2.54" size="1.016" layer="21" ratio="12">0922</text>
2727 <rectangle x1="-3.81" y1="-0.4064" x2="1.3208" y2="0.4064" layer="21"/>
2728 </package>
2729 <package name="RDH/15">
2730 <description>&lt;b&gt;RESISTOR&lt;/b&gt;&lt;p&gt;
2731 type RDH, grid 15 mm</description>
2732 <wire x1="-7.62" y1="0" x2="-6.858" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2733 <wire x1="-6.096" y1="3.048" x2="-5.207" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2734 <wire x1="-4.953" y1="2.794" x2="-5.207" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2735 <wire x1="-6.096" y1="-3.048" x2="-5.207" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2736 <wire x1="-4.953" y1="-2.794" x2="-5.207" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2737 <wire x1="4.953" y1="2.794" x2="5.207" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2738 <wire x1="4.953" y1="2.794" x2="-4.953" y2="2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2739 <wire x1="4.953" y1="-2.794" x2="5.207" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2740 <wire x1="4.953" y1="-2.794" x2="-4.953" y2="-2.794" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2741 <wire x1="6.096" y1="3.048" x2="5.207" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2742 <wire x1="6.096" y1="-3.048" x2="5.207" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2743 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="-2.667" x2="-6.477" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2744 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="1.016" x2="-6.477" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2745 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="1.016" x2="-6.477" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2746 <wire x1="6.477" y1="-2.667" x2="6.477" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2747 <wire x1="6.477" y1="1.016" x2="6.477" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
2748 <wire x1="6.477" y1="1.016" x2="6.477" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
2749 <wire x1="6.858" y1="0" x2="7.62" y2="0" width="0.8128" layer="51"/>
2750 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="2.667" x2="-6.096" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2751 <wire x1="6.096" y1="3.048" x2="6.477" y2="2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
2752 <wire x1="-6.477" y1="-2.667" x2="-6.096" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2753 <wire x1="6.096" y1="-3.048" x2="6.477" y2="-2.667" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
2754 <pad name="1" x="-7.62" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2755 <pad name="2" x="7.62" y="0" drill="1.016" shape="octagon"/>
2756 <text x="-6.35" y="3.4544" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
2757 <text x="-4.318" y="-0.5842" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
2758 <text x="4.572" y="-1.7272" size="1.27" layer="51" ratio="10" rot="R90">RDH</text>
2759 <rectangle x1="-6.7564" y1="-0.4064" x2="-6.4516" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2760 <rectangle x1="6.4516" y1="-0.4064" x2="6.7564" y2="0.4064" layer="51"/>
2761 </package>
2762 <package name="MINI_MELF-0102AX">
2763 <description>&lt;b&gt;Mini MELF 0102 Axial&lt;/b&gt;</description>
2764 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="0.6" width="0" layer="51"/>
2765 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="0.6" width="0" layer="52"/>
2766 <smd name="1" x="0" y="0" dx="1.9" dy="1.9" layer="1" roundness="100"/>
2767 <smd name="2" x="0" y="0" dx="1.9" dy="1.9" layer="16" roundness="100"/>
2768 <text x="-1.27" y="0.9525" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
2769 <text x="-1.27" y="-2.2225" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
2770 <hole x="0" y="0" drill="1.3"/>
2771 </package>
2772 <package name="RTRIM3304W">
2773 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;
2774 0,1W 25%</description>
2775 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="1.9" x2="1.9" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2776 <wire x1="1.9" y1="1.9" x2="1.9" y2="-1.1" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2777 <wire x1="1.9" y1="-1.1" x2="1.9" y2="-1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2778 <wire x1="1.9" y1="-1.9" x2="0.65" y2="-1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2779 <wire x1="0.65" y1="-1.9" x2="0.65" y2="-1.1" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2780 <wire x1="0.65" y1="-1.1" x2="-0.65" y2="-1.1" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2781 <wire x1="-0.65" y1="-1.1" x2="-0.65" y2="-1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2782 <wire x1="-0.65" y1="-1.9" x2="-1.9" y2="-1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2783 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="-1.9" x2="-1.9" y2="-1.1" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2784 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="-1.1" x2="-1.9" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2785 <circle x="0" y="0.4" radius="1.2" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
2786 <smd name="1" x="-1.25" y="-1.9" dx="1.4" dy="1.4" layer="1"/>
2787 <smd name="3" x="1.25" y="-1.9" dx="1.4" dy="1.4" layer="1"/>
2788 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.6" dx="2.5" dy="1.4" layer="1"/>
2789 <text x="-2.29" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2790 <text x="3.545" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2791 <rectangle x1="-1" y1="0.2" x2="1" y2="0.6" layer="51"/>
2792 <rectangle x1="-0.2" y1="-0.6" x2="0.2" y2="1.4" layer="51"/>
2793 </package>
2794 <package name="RTRIM3165W">
2795 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; MEGGIT</description>
2796 <wire x1="-1.125" y1="1.75" x2="-1.875" y2="1" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2797 <wire x1="-1.875" y1="1" x2="-1.875" y2="-1.375" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2798 <wire x1="-1.875" y1="-1.375" x2="-1.875" y2="-2.25" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2799 <wire x1="-1.875" y1="-2.25" x2="-1.625" y2="-2.5" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2800 <wire x1="-1.625" y1="-2.5" x2="-1.125" y2="-2.5" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2801 <wire x1="-1.125" y1="-2.5" x2="-1.125" y2="-1.625" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2802 <wire x1="-1.125" y1="-1.625" x2="-0.25" y2="-1.625" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2803 <wire x1="-0.25" y1="-1.625" x2="-0.25" y2="-2.5" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2804 <wire x1="-0.25" y1="-2.5" x2="0.25" y2="-2.5" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2805 <wire x1="0.25" y1="-2.5" x2="0.25" y2="-1.625" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2806 <wire x1="0.25" y1="-1.625" x2="1.125" y2="-1.625" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2807 <wire x1="1.125" y1="-1.625" x2="1.125" y2="-2.5" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2808 <wire x1="1.125" y1="-2.5" x2="1.625" y2="-2.5" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2809 <wire x1="1.625" y1="-2.5" x2="1.875" y2="-2.25" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2810 <wire x1="1.875" y1="-2.25" x2="1.875" y2="-1.625" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2811 <wire x1="1.875" y1="-1.625" x2="1.875" y2="1" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2812 <wire x1="1.875" y1="1" x2="1.125" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2813 <wire x1="1.125" y1="1.75" x2="-1.125" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2814 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="1.3806" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2815 <smd name="1" x="-1.35" y="-2" dx="0.8" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2816 <smd name="2" x="0" y="-2" dx="0.8" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2817 <smd name="3" x="1.35" y="-2" dx="0.8" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2818 <smd name="4" x="0" y="1.8" dx="2" dy="1" layer="1"/>
2819 <text x="-2.54" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2820 <text x="3.81" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2821 <rectangle x1="-0.25" y1="-1.125" x2="0.25" y2="1.125" layer="21"/>
2822 <rectangle x1="-1.125" y1="-0.25" x2="1.125" y2="0.25" layer="21"/>
2823 <hole x="0" y="0" drill="2"/>
2824 </package>
2825 <package name="RTRIM3202">
2826 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; MEGGIT</description>
2827 <wire x1="-1.6" y1="1.4" x2="-1.6" y2="-1.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2828 <wire x1="-1.6" y1="-1.4" x2="1.6" y2="-1.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2829 <wire x1="1.6" y1="-1.4" x2="1.6" y2="1.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2830 <wire x1="1.6" y1="1.4" x2="-1.6" y2="1.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2831 <wire x1="-1.6" y1="1.4" x2="-1" y2="1.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2832 <wire x1="1" y1="1.4" x2="1.6" y2="1.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2833 <wire x1="-0.3" y1="-1.4" x2="0.3" y2="-1.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2834 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="1" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
2835 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.6" dx="1.6" dy="1.4" layer="1"/>
2836 <smd name="1" x="-0.95" y="-1.75" dx="0.9" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2837 <smd name="3" x="0.95" y="-1.75" dx="0.9" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2838 <text x="-1.99" y="-2.39" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2839 <text x="3.26" y="-2.39" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2840 <rectangle x1="-0.2" y1="-1" x2="0.2" y2="1" layer="51"/>
2841 </package>
2842 <package name="RTRIM3314J">
2843 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;
2844 0,25W, 20%</description>
2845 <wire x1="2.15" y1="2.15" x2="2.15" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2846 <wire x1="2.15" y1="-2.15" x2="-2.15" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2847 <wire x1="-2.15" y1="-2.15" x2="-2.15" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2848 <wire x1="-2.15" y1="2.15" x2="2.15" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2849 <wire x1="2.15" y1="-0.8" x2="2.15" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2850 <wire x1="2.15" y1="2.15" x2="1.2" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2851 <wire x1="-1.2" y1="2.15" x2="-2.15" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2852 <wire x1="-2.15" y1="2.15" x2="-2.15" y2="-0.8" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2853 <wire x1="0.95" y1="-2.15" x2="-0.95" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2854 <wire x1="-0.5" y1="-0.9" x2="0.9" y2="0.5" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2855 <wire x1="-0.85" y1="-0.55" x2="0.55" y2="0.85" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2856 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="1.1" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2857 <smd name="3" x="1.8" y="-2" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2858 <smd name="1" x="-1.8" y="-2" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2859 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2" dx="2" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2860 <text x="-2.64" y="-2.99" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2861 <text x="4.01" y="-2.99" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2862 </package>
2863 <package name="RTRIM4G/J">
2864 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; VISHAY</description>
2865 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="2.4" x2="-2.4" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2866 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="-2.4" x2="2.4" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2867 <wire x1="2.4" y1="-2.4" x2="2.4" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2868 <wire x1="2.4" y1="2.4" x2="-2.4" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2869 <wire x1="-2.1" y1="-2.4" x2="-2.4" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2870 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="-2.4" x2="-2.4" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2871 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="2.4" x2="-1.25" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2872 <wire x1="2" y1="-2.4" x2="2.4" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2873 <wire x1="2.4" y1="-2.4" x2="2.4" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2874 <wire x1="2.4" y1="2.4" x2="1.25" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2875 <wire x1="-0.25" y1="-2.4" x2="0.25" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2876 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="1.85" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2877 <smd name="1" x="-1.15" y="-2.75" dx="1.3" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2878 <smd name="3" x="1.15" y="-2.75" dx="1.3" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2879 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2.75" dx="2" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
2880 <text x="-2.875" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2881 <text x="4.045" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2882 <rectangle x1="-1.3" y1="-0.2" x2="1.35" y2="0.2" layer="21"/>
2883 <rectangle x1="-0.2" y1="-1.35" x2="0.2" y2="1.3" layer="21"/>
2884 </package>
2885 <package name="RTRIMCVR42A">
2886 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; AVX</description>
2887 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="1.9" x2="-1.9" y2="-1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2888 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="-1.9" x2="1.9" y2="-1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2889 <wire x1="1.9" y1="-1.9" x2="1.9" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2890 <wire x1="1.9" y1="1.9" x2="-1.9" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2891 <wire x1="-0.6" y1="-1.1" x2="0.6" y2="-1.1" width="0.8128" layer="51" curve="-302.779081" cap="flat"/>
2892 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="-1.15" x2="-1.9" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2893 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="1.9" x2="-1.35" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2894 <wire x1="1.9" y1="-1.15" x2="1.9" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2895 <wire x1="1.9" y1="1.9" x2="1.35" y2="1.9" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2896 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.8" dx="2.3" dy="1.5" layer="1"/>
2897 <smd name="1" x="-1.15" y="-2.05" dx="1.3" dy="1.4" layer="1"/>
2898 <smd name="3" x="1.15" y="-2.05" dx="1.3" dy="1.4" layer="1"/>
2899 <text x="-2.29" y="-2.69" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2900 <text x="3.51" y="-2.69" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2901 <rectangle x1="-0.65" y1="-1.15" x2="0.65" y2="-0.75" layer="51"/>
2902 <rectangle x1="-1.05" y1="-0.15" x2="1.05" y2="0.15" layer="21"/>
2903 </package>
2904 <package name="RTRIM3214W">
2905 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;
2906 SMD Cermet trimmer</description>
2907 <wire x1="-2.3" y1="-1.85" x2="-2.3" y2="1.85" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2908 <wire x1="-2.3" y1="1.85" x2="2.3" y2="1.85" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2909 <wire x1="2.3" y1="1.85" x2="2.3" y2="-1.85" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2910 <wire x1="2.3" y1="-1.85" x2="-2.3" y2="-1.85" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2911 <wire x1="-2.3" y1="-1.85" x2="-2.3" y2="1.85" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2912 <wire x1="-2.3" y1="1.85" x2="-1.3" y2="1.85" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2913 <wire x1="2.3" y1="-1.85" x2="2.3" y2="1.85" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2914 <wire x1="2.3" y1="1.85" x2="1.3" y2="1.85" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2915 <wire x1="-0.4" y1="-1.85" x2="0.4" y2="-1.85" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2916 <circle x="1.2" y="0.65" radius="0.7" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
2917 <smd name="1" x="-1.275" y="-1.45" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2918 <smd name="3" x="1.275" y="-1.45" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2919 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.45" dx="2" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
2920 <text x="-2.54" y="-1.905" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2921 <text x="3.81" y="-1.905" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2922 <rectangle x1="0.55" y1="0.55" x2="1.85" y2="0.75" layer="51"/>
2923 <rectangle x1="-1.8" y1="-2.1" x2="-0.75" y2="-1.95" layer="51"/>
2924 <rectangle x1="0.75" y1="-2.1" x2="1.8" y2="-1.95" layer="51"/>
2925 <rectangle x1="-0.75" y1="1.95" x2="0.75" y2="2.1" layer="51"/>
2926 </package>
2927 <package name="RTRIM3224G">
2928 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;
2929 Side Adjust</description>
2930 <wire x1="2.25" y1="2.15" x2="2.25" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2931 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-2.15" x2="-2.25" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2932 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-2.15" x2="-2.25" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2933 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="2.15" x2="2.25" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2934 <wire x1="-0.5" y1="2.05" x2="-0.5" y2="1.35" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
2935 <wire x1="-0.5" y1="1.35" x2="-1.9" y2="1.35" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
2936 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="1.35" x2="-1.9" y2="2.05" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
2937 <wire x1="-1.2" y1="2.15" x2="-2.25" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2938 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="2.15" x2="-2.25" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2939 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-2.15" x2="-2" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2940 <wire x1="-0.3" y1="-2.15" x2="0.3" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2941 <wire x1="1.2" y1="2.15" x2="2.25" y2="2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2942 <wire x1="2.25" y1="2.15" x2="2.25" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2943 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-2.15" x2="2" y2="-2.15" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2944 <circle x="-1.2" y="1.7" radius="0.2" width="0" layer="21"/>
2945 <smd name="1" x="-1.15" y="-2.6" dx="1.27" dy="1.27" layer="1"/>
2946 <smd name="3" x="1.15" y="-2.6" dx="1.27" dy="1.27" layer="1"/>
2947 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2.6" dx="2" dy="1.27" layer="1"/>
2948 <text x="-2.49" y="-3.205" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2949 <text x="3.81" y="-3.205" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2950 <rectangle x1="-0.65" y1="2.25" x2="0.65" y2="3" layer="51"/>
2951 <rectangle x1="-1.6" y1="-3" x2="-0.7" y2="-2.25" layer="51"/>
2952 <rectangle x1="0.7" y1="-3" x2="1.6" y2="-2.25" layer="51"/>
2953 </package>
2954 <package name="RTRIM3224J">
2955 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;
2956 Side Adjust</description>
2957 <wire x1="2.4" y1="2.3" x2="2.4" y2="-2.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2958 <wire x1="2.4" y1="-2.3" x2="-2.4" y2="-2.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2959 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="-2.3" x2="-2.4" y2="2.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2960 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="2.3" x2="2.4" y2="2.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2961 <wire x1="-0.5" y1="2.2" x2="-0.5" y2="1.6" width="0.1016" layer="51" style="shortdash"/>
2962 <wire x1="-0.5" y1="1.6" x2="-1.9" y2="1.6" width="0.1016" layer="51" style="shortdash"/>
2963 <wire x1="-1.9" y1="1.6" x2="-1.9" y2="2.2" width="0.1016" layer="51" style="shortdash"/>
2964 <wire x1="1.4" y1="2.3" x2="2.4" y2="2.3" width="0.254" layer="21" style="shortdash"/>
2965 <wire x1="2.4" y1="2.3" x2="2.4" y2="-2.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2966 <wire x1="2.4" y1="-2.3" x2="2.2" y2="-2.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2967 <wire x1="-2.1" y1="-2.3" x2="-2.4" y2="-2.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2968 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="-2.3" x2="-2.4" y2="2.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2969 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="2.3" x2="-1.4" y2="2.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2970 <wire x1="0.2" y1="-2.3" x2="-0.2" y2="-2.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2971 <circle x="-1.2" y="1.9" radius="0.1414" width="0" layer="21"/>
2972 <smd name="3" x="1.15" y="-2" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2973 <smd name="1" x="-1.15" y="-2" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2974 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2" dx="2" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2975 <text x="2.74" y="2.405" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R270">&gt;NAME</text>
2976 <text x="-4.01" y="2.405" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R270">&gt;VALUE</text>
2977 <rectangle x1="-0.6" y1="2.4" x2="0.6" y2="2.5" layer="51"/>
2978 <rectangle x1="0.7" y1="-2.5" x2="1.6" y2="-2.4" layer="51"/>
2979 <rectangle x1="-1.6" y1="-2.5" x2="-0.7" y2="-2.4" layer="51"/>
2980 </package>
2981 <package name="RTRIM3224X">
2982 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;
2983 Top Adjust</description>
2984 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2985 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2986 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2987 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
2988 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2989 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-1.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2990 <wire x1="1.25" y1="1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2991 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2992 <wire x1="-0.4" y1="-1.6" x2="0.4" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
2993 <circle x="1.2" y="0.6" radius="0.5" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
2994 <smd name="1" x="-1.27" y="-2.54" dx="1.32" dy="1.9" layer="1"/>
2995 <smd name="3" x="1.27" y="-2.54" dx="1.32" dy="1.9" layer="1"/>
2996 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2.54" dx="2" dy="2" layer="1"/>
2997 <text x="-2.64" y="-3.455" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
2998 <text x="4.01" y="-3.455" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
2999 <rectangle x1="-1.7" y1="-2.85" x2="-0.9" y2="-1.7" layer="51"/>
3000 <rectangle x1="0.9" y1="-2.85" x2="1.7" y2="-1.7" layer="51"/>
3001 <rectangle x1="-0.65" y1="1.7" x2="0.65" y2="2.85" layer="51"/>
3002 <rectangle x1="0.75" y1="0.5" x2="1.65" y2="0.7" layer="21"/>
3003 </package>
3004 <package name="RTRIM3103">
3005 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; MEGGIT</description>
3006 <wire x1="-1.45" y1="1.75" x2="-1.45" y2="-1.65" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3007 <wire x1="-1.45" y1="-1.65" x2="1.45" y2="-1.65" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3008 <wire x1="1.45" y1="-1.65" x2="1.45" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3009 <wire x1="1.45" y1="1.75" x2="-1.45" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3010 <wire x1="-1.45" y1="-0.4" x2="-1.45" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3011 <wire x1="-1.45" y1="1.75" x2="-0.85" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3012 <wire x1="1.45" y1="-0.4" x2="1.45" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3013 <wire x1="1.45" y1="1.75" x2="0.85" y2="1.75" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3014 <circle x="0" y="0" radius="1.15" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
3015 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.3" dx="1.3" dy="1.3" layer="1"/>
3016 <smd name="1" x="-1" y="-1.225" dx="1.2" dy="1.25" layer="1"/>
3017 <smd name="3" x="1" y="-1.225" dx="1.2" dy="1.25" layer="1"/>
3018 <text x="-1.905" y="-1.905" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3019 <text x="3.175" y="-1.905" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3020 <rectangle x1="-1.15" y1="-0.15" x2="1.15" y2="0.15" layer="51"/>
3021 <rectangle x1="-0.15" y1="-1.15" x2="0.15" y2="1.15" layer="51"/>
3022 </package>
3023 <package name="RTRIM5W">
3024 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; Spectrol&lt;p&gt;
3025 abgedichtet nach &lt;b&gt;IP67&lt;/b&gt;</description>
3026 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3027 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3028 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3029 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3030 <wire x1="1.25" y1="1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3031 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3032 <wire x1="-1.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3033 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3034 <wire x1="-0.3" y1="-1.6" x2="0.3" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3035 <circle x="1.55" y="0.95" radius="0.4" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3036 <smd name="1" x="-1.25" y="-1.45" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
3037 <smd name="3" x="1.25" y="-1.45" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
3038 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.45" dx="2" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
3039 <text x="-2.625" y="-2.19" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3040 <text x="3.845" y="-2.19" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3041 <rectangle x1="1.15" y1="0.85" x2="1.95" y2="1.05" layer="21"/>
3042 </package>
3043 <package name="RTRIM5X">
3044 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; Spectrol&lt;p&gt;
3045 abgedichtet nach &lt;b&gt;IP67&lt;/b&gt;</description>
3046 <wire x1="2.35" y1="2.35" x2="-2.35" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3047 <wire x1="-2.35" y1="2.35" x2="-2.35" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3048 <wire x1="-2.35" y1="-2.35" x2="2.35" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3049 <wire x1="2.35" y1="-2.35" x2="2.35" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3050 <wire x1="1.25" y1="2.35" x2="2.35" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3051 <wire x1="2.35" y1="2.35" x2="2.35" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3052 <wire x1="2.35" y1="-2.35" x2="2.05" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3053 <wire x1="-2.05" y1="-2.35" x2="-2.35" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3054 <wire x1="-2.35" y1="-2.35" x2="-2.35" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3055 <wire x1="-2.35" y1="2.35" x2="-1.25" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3056 <wire x1="0.25" y1="-2.35" x2="-0.25" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3057 <wire x1="-1.1" y1="2.25" x2="-1.1" y2="1.6" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3058 <wire x1="-1.1" y1="1.6" x2="-2.05" y2="1.6" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3059 <wire x1="-2.05" y1="1.6" x2="-2.05" y2="2.25" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3060 <smd name="1" x="-1.15" y="-2" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
3061 <smd name="3" x="1.15" y="-2" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
3062 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2" dx="2" dy="2" layer="1"/>
3063 <text x="-3.175" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3064 <text x="4.445" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3065 </package>
3066 <package name="RTRIMTSM53YJ">
3067 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; VISHAY&lt;p&gt;
3068 abgedichtet nach &lt;b&gt;IP67&lt;/b&gt;</description>
3069 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3070 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3071 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3072 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3073 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3074 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-1.15" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3075 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3076 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="1.15" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3077 <wire x1="-0.4" y1="-1.6" x2="0.4" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3078 <circle x="1.3" y="0.65" radius="0.7" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
3079 <smd name="1" x="-1.25" y="-1.45" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
3080 <smd name="2" x="1.25" y="-1.45" dx="1.3" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
3081 <smd name="3" x="0" y="1.45" dx="1.8" dy="1.6" layer="1"/>
3082 <text x="-2.54" y="-1.905" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3083 <text x="3.81" y="-1.905" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3084 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="1.7" x2="0.3" y2="1.9" layer="51"/>
3085 <rectangle x1="-1.6" y1="-1.9" x2="-1" y2="-1.7" layer="51"/>
3086 <rectangle x1="0.95" y1="-1.9" x2="1.55" y2="-1.7" layer="51"/>
3087 <rectangle x1="1.2" y1="0" x2="1.4" y2="1.3" layer="21"/>
3088 </package>
3089 <package name="RTRIMTSM53YL">
3090 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; VISHAY&lt;p&gt;
3091 abgedichtet nach &lt;b&gt;IP67&lt;/b&gt;</description>
3092 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3093 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3094 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3095 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3096 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="-2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3097 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="1.6" x2="-1.15" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3098 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-1.6" x2="2.25" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3099 <wire x1="2.25" y1="1.6" x2="1.15" y2="1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3100 <wire x1="-0.35" y1="-1.6" x2="0.35" y2="-1.6" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3101 <circle x="1.3" y="0.65" radius="0.7" width="0.1016" layer="51"/>
3102 <smd name="1" x="-1.25" y="-1.9" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
3103 <smd name="3" x="1.25" y="-1.9" dx="1.3" dy="2" layer="1"/>
3104 <smd name="2" x="0" y="1.9" dx="1.8" dy="2" layer="1"/>
3105 <text x="-2.59" y="-2.555" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3106 <text x="3.86" y="-2.555" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3107 <rectangle x1="1.2" y1="0" x2="1.4" y2="1.3" layer="21"/>
3108 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="1.7" x2="0.3" y2="2.55" layer="51"/>
3109 <rectangle x1="-1.55" y1="-2.55" x2="-0.95" y2="-1.7" layer="51"/>
3110 <rectangle x1="0.95" y1="-2.55" x2="1.55" y2="-1.7" layer="51"/>
3111 </package>
3112 <package name="RTRIMTS63X">
3113 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistror&lt;/b&gt; VISHAY&lt;p&gt;
3114 seales container, solder immerson IP67</description>
3115 <wire x1="3.3" y1="2.4" x2="-3.3" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3116 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="2.4" x2="-3.3" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3117 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="-2.4" x2="3.3" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3118 <wire x1="3.3" y1="-2.4" x2="3.3" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3119 <wire x1="0.8" y1="2.4" x2="3.3" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3120 <wire x1="3.3" y1="2.4" x2="3.3" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3121 <wire x1="-0.8" y1="2.4" x2="-3.3" y2="2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3122 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="2.4" x2="-3.3" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3123 <wire x1="-1.75" y1="-2.4" x2="1.75" y2="-2.4" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3124 <wire x1="4.3" y1="2.25" x2="3.4" y2="2.25" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3125 <wire x1="4.3" y1="0.85" x2="4.3" y2="1.35" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3126 <wire x1="4.3" y1="1.35" x2="4" y2="1.35" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3127 <wire x1="4" y1="1.35" x2="4" y2="1.75" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3128 <wire x1="4" y1="1.75" x2="4.3" y2="1.75" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3129 <wire x1="4.3" y1="1.75" x2="4.3" y2="2.25" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3130 <wire x1="4.3" y1="0.85" x2="3.4" y2="0.85" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3131 <smd name="1" x="-2.55" y="-2.25" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3132 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2.25" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3133 <smd name="3" x="2.55" y="-2.25" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3134 <text x="-3.69" y="-3.34" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3135 <text x="6.06" y="-3.34" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3136 <rectangle x1="-0.25" y1="2.5" x2="0.25" y2="3.35" layer="51"/>
3137 <rectangle x1="2.3" y1="-3.35" x2="2.8" y2="-2.5" layer="51"/>
3138 <rectangle x1="-2.8" y1="-3.35" x2="-2.3" y2="-2.5" layer="51"/>
3139 </package>
3140 <package name="RTRIMTS63Y">
3141 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistror&lt;/b&gt; VISHAY&lt;p&gt;
3142 seales container, solder immerson IP67</description>
3143 <wire x1="3.3" y1="2.35" x2="-3.3" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3144 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="2.35" x2="-3.3" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3145 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="-2.35" x2="3.3" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3146 <wire x1="3.3" y1="-2.35" x2="3.3" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3147 <wire x1="0.75" y1="2.35" x2="3.3" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3148 <wire x1="3.3" y1="2.35" x2="3.3" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3149 <wire x1="1.75" y1="-2.35" x2="-1.75" y2="-2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3150 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="-2.35" x2="-3.3" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3151 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="2.35" x2="-0.75" y2="2.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3152 <circle x="-2.15" y="1.5" radius="0.6" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3153 <smd name="1" x="-2.55" y="-2.25" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3154 <smd name="2" x="0" y="2.25" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3155 <smd name="3" x="2.55" y="-2.25" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3156 <text x="-3.74" y="-3.69" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3157 <text x="5.21" y="-3.69" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3158 <rectangle x1="-2.7" y1="1.4" x2="-1.6" y2="1.6" layer="21"/>
3159 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="2.45" x2="0.3" y2="3" layer="51"/>
3160 <rectangle x1="-2.85" y1="-3" x2="-2.25" y2="-2.45" layer="51"/>
3161 <rectangle x1="2.25" y1="-3" x2="2.85" y2="-2.45" layer="51"/>
3162 </package>
3163 <package name="RTRIMTS63Z">
3164 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistror&lt;/b&gt; VISHAY&lt;p&gt;
3165 seales container, solder immerson IP67</description>
3166 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="3.3" x2="-3.3" y2="-3.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3167 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="-3.3" x2="3.3" y2="-3.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3168 <wire x1="3.3" y1="-3.3" x2="3.3" y2="3.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3169 <wire x1="3.3" y1="3.3" x2="-3.3" y2="3.3" width="0.254" layer="51"/>
3170 <wire x1="-0.75" y1="3.3" x2="-3.3" y2="3.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3171 <wire x1="-3.3" y1="3.3" x2="-3.3" y2="-3.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3172 <wire x1="-1.75" y1="-3.3" x2="1.75" y2="-3.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3173 <wire x1="3.3" y1="-3.3" x2="3.3" y2="3.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3174 <wire x1="3.3" y1="3.3" x2="0.75" y2="3.3" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3175 <wire x1="-2.95" y1="3.45" x2="-2.95" y2="4.1" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3176 <wire x1="-2.95" y1="4.1" x2="-2.4" y2="4.1" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3177 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="4.1" x2="-2.4" y2="3.85" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3178 <wire x1="-2.4" y1="3.85" x2="-1.8" y2="3.85" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3179 <wire x1="-1.8" y1="3.85" x2="-1.8" y2="4.1" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3180 <wire x1="-1.8" y1="4.1" x2="-1.25" y2="4.1" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3181 <wire x1="-1.25" y1="4.1" x2="-1.25" y2="3.4" width="0.1016" layer="21"/>
3182 <smd name="1" x="-2.55" y="-3.15" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3183 <smd name="2" x="0" y="3.15" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3184 <smd name="3" x="2.55" y="-3.15" dx="1" dy="3" layer="1"/>
3185 <text x="-3.84" y="-3.44" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3186 <text x="5.16" y="-3.44" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3187 <rectangle x1="-0.3" y1="3.4" x2="0.3" y2="4.4" layer="51"/>
3188 <rectangle x1="-2.85" y1="-4.4" x2="-2.25" y2="-3.4" layer="51"/>
3189 <rectangle x1="2.25" y1="-4.4" x2="2.85" y2="-3.4" layer="51"/>
3190 </package>
3191 <package name="RTRIM3296P">
3192 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;</description>
3193 <wire x1="4.15" y1="4.35" x2="-5.1" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3194 <wire x1="-5.1" y1="4.35" x2="-5.1" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3195 <wire x1="-5.1" y1="-4.35" x2="4.15" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3196 <wire x1="4.15" y1="-4.35" x2="4.15" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3197 <wire x1="4.25" y1="-1.45" x2="5.6" y2="-1.45" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3198 <wire x1="5.6" y1="-1.45" x2="5.6" y2="-2.3" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3199 <wire x1="5.6" y1="-2.3" x2="5.2" y2="-2.3" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3200 <wire x1="5.2" y1="-2.3" x2="5.2" y2="-2.75" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3201 <wire x1="5.2" y1="-2.75" x2="5.6" y2="-2.75" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3202 <wire x1="5.6" y1="-2.75" x2="5.6" y2="-3.65" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3203 <wire x1="5.6" y1="-3.65" x2="4.25" y2="-3.65" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3204 <pad name="1" x="0" y="-2.54" drill="0.6096"/>
3205 <pad name="2" x="2.54" y="0" drill="0.6096"/>
3206 <pad name="3" x="0" y="2.54" drill="0.6096"/>
3207 <text x="-5.48" y="-4.5" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3208 <text x="-2.17" y="-3.45" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3209 </package>
3210 <package name="RTRIM3296W">
3211 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;</description>
3212 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="4.35" x2="2.25" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3213 <wire x1="2.25" y1="4.35" x2="2.25" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3214 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-4.35" x2="-2.25" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3215 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-4.35" x2="-2.25" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3216 <circle x="0" y="-2.55" radius="1.1011" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3217 <pad name="1" x="0" y="-2.54" drill="0.6096"/>
3218 <pad name="2" x="0" y="0" drill="0.6096"/>
3219 <pad name="3" x="0" y="2.54" drill="0.6096"/>
3220 <text x="-2.65" y="-4.5" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3221 <text x="3.95" y="-4.5" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3222 <rectangle x1="-0.15" y1="-3.6" x2="0.15" y2="-1.5" layer="51"/>
3223 </package>
3224 <package name="RTRIM3296X">
3225 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;</description>
3226 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="4.35" x2="2.25" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3227 <wire x1="2.25" y1="4.35" x2="2.25" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3228 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-4.35" x2="-2.25" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3229 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="-4.35" x2="-2.25" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3230 <wire x1="-1.1" y1="4.4" x2="-1.1" y2="5.6" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3231 <wire x1="-1.1" y1="5.6" x2="-0.25" y2="5.6" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3232 <wire x1="-0.25" y1="5.6" x2="-0.25" y2="5.1" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3233 <wire x1="-0.25" y1="5.1" x2="0.25" y2="5.1" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3234 <wire x1="0.25" y1="5.1" x2="0.25" y2="5.6" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3235 <wire x1="0.25" y1="5.6" x2="1.1" y2="5.6" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3236 <wire x1="1.1" y1="5.6" x2="1.1" y2="4.4" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
3237 <pad name="1" x="0" y="-2.54" drill="0.6096"/>
3238 <pad name="2" x="0" y="0" drill="0.6096"/>
3239 <pad name="3" x="0" y="2.54" drill="0.6096"/>
3240 <text x="-2.65" y="-4.5" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
3241 <text x="3.95" y="-4.5" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
3242 </package>
3243 <package name="RTRIM3296Y">
3244 <description>&lt;b&gt;Trimm resistor&lt;/b&gt; BOURNS&lt;p&gt;</description>
3245 <wire x1="-2.25" y1="4.35" x2="2.25" y2="4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3246 <wire x1="2.25" y1="4.35" x2="2.25" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>
3247 <wire x1="2.25" y1="-4.35" x2="-2.25" y2="-4.35" width="0.254" layer="21"/>