Added more firmware packages.
[inetstation.git] / modules /
2016-11-20 Andreas SchiermeierAdded more firmware packages.
2016-11-20 Andreas SchiermeierAdded Dari KBD Layout.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierMore Firefox defaults.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierSuppress firefox welcome page.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierFirefox: ignore updated build id
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierMaybe a last one?
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAnd another one...
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAnother try on firefox preferences.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAdded some software.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAnother try with modified firefox default settings.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierFix Firefox default prefs.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierRe-introduce VariantsList
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierRemove iceweasel desktop icon.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierBigger kbd Flags, less kbdmap (max 4 supported)
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierMore iceweasel to firefox-esr cleanup tasks.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierCleanup.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierSwitched from iceweasel to firefox-esr.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAdded VariantsList to lxpanel keyboard selector.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAdded -y to apt-get autoremove.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierAdded apt-get autoremove.
2016-07-11 Andreas SchiermeierFixed typo.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierRemove .xscreensaver.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierFiles are required before modification.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierDisable localization in .xsessionrc
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierModified ntp configuration.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierRemoved unwanted notifies.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierAdded ntp.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierMoved git2puppet into a dedicated file.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierDon't install libreoffice l10n installation.
2016-07-10 Andreas SchiermeierDisable and remove not required xscreensaver.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierFixed Exec conditions (2nd).
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierFixed Exec conditions.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierAdded apt-get update.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierFixed kbd switcher.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierAdded pcmanfm package.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierAdded timezone configuration.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierFreifunk connectivity works better with IPv6 link-local.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierMoved printer related packages.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierAdded Debian proposed updates.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierRemoved unnecessary apt-get update.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierProvide generic names for shortcuts.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierProvide generic names for shortcuts - test3.
2016-05-10 Andreas SchiermeierProvide generic names for shortcuts - test2.
2016-05-09 Andreas SchiermeierProvide generic names for shortcuts - test.
2016-05-09 Andreas SchiermeierAdded software upgrades.
2016-05-09 Andreas SchiermeierSwitched Desktop bg to "color".
2016-05-09 Andreas SchiermeierAdded keyboard layouts.
2016-05-09 Andreas SchiermeierMoved printer from desktop to system.
2016-04-01 Wonko T. Sanetype in module urlö
2016-04-01 Wonko T. Sanetype in printer url
2016-04-01 Wonko T. Sanetrottelbehebung
2016-04-01 Wonko T. Sanetypo in model uri for printer
2016-03-31 Wonko T. Saneadded cups configuration for mfp01
2016-03-14 Wonko T. Saneadded florence package sagain
2016-03-14 Wonko T. Saneadded florence virtual keyboard to desktop
2016-03-14 Wonko T. SaneAdded florence virtual keyboard
2016-03-14 Wonko T. Sanebootstrap script + apt-sources
2016-02-28 Wonko T. Saneremoved language setup from .xsessionrc
2016-02-28 Wonko T. SaneSprachauswahl zum LXDE-Panel hinzugefügt
2016-02-28 Wonko T. Sanechanged ipv6 from link local to ignore
2016-02-28 Wonko T. SanePacket network-manager-gnome hinzugefügt
2016-02-08 Wonko T. SaneMerge branch 'master' of
2016-01-08 Andreas SchiermeierFixed mode of 99-wlan.
2016-01-08 Andreas SchiermeierAdded auto-off for WiFi while LAN connection.
2016-01-08 Andreas SchiermeierAdded temporary .xsessionrc.
2015-12-15 Andreas SchiermeierReduced number of desktops to 1.
2015-12-15 Andreas SchiermeierFixed libreoffice link.
2015-12-15 Andreas SchiermeierAdded libreoffice to desktop.
2015-12-15 Andreas SchiermeierDisabled unused autostart entries.
2015-12-15 Andreas SchiermeierFixed typo.
2015-12-15 Andreas SchiermeierAdded iceweasel prefs.js reference.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierAdded iceweasel homepage.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierFixed debian security URL. And Again.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierFixed debian security URL. Again.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierFixed debian security URL.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierAdded libreoffice l10n packages.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierRemoved broken packages.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierAdded missing values.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierUse hash instead of array.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierDropped redundant definition.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierAdded submodule init.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierFixed typo.
2015-12-14 Andreas SchiermeierAdded software packages.
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierAdded volume control.
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierAdded groups to guest user.
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 28
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 27
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 26
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 26
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 25
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 24
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 23
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 22
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 21
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 20
2015-12-13 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 19
2015-12-12 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 18
2015-12-12 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 17
2015-12-10 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 16
2015-12-10 Andreas SchiermeierExperiments part 15