2016-09-04 telegnomurlencoding entfernt, da nicht noetig master
2016-09-04 telegnomcalendar updated - added urls for events
2016-09-04 telegnomfuckup in location lon/lat corrected and calendar ics... ical&lonlatfuckup
2016-08-23 telegnomcurrent state is taken account of for calculation of...
2016-08-22 telegnomClose Issue#6
2016-08-22 telegnom[server/public] get history only once, onload.
2016-08-22 telegnomcorrected opacity in public status page Issue#8
2016-08-22 telegnomopen/closed ratio for private site
2016-08-22 telegnomshow ratio foropen/closed on public page
2016-08-21 telegnomtypo in api path fixed
2016-08-21 telegnomIssue#7 closed
2016-08-21 telegnomdisplay correct calculated duration on public page
2016-08-21 telegnomstatus history api call implemented
2016-08-17 telegnomrequirements.txt for server added
2016-08-17 telegnomgitinore updadated to exclude config and sublime files
2016-08-17 telegnomprivate template modified to show switch states
2016-08-17 telegnomtypo in varname
2016-08-16 telegnomcleanup in code, removed old stuff and not needed newlines.
2016-08-16 telegnomload last status from config on startup and write only...
2016-08-16 telegnomadjusted margin in body for private and public page...
2016-08-16 telegnommoved power to private part of api
2016-08-16 telegnomanchors and favicon added to private status page
2016-08-16 telegnomremoved power consumption from public status page
2016-08-16 telegnomjson mimetype fixed and prettyfied output of spaceapi...
2016-08-16 telegnomlastchange added to spaceapi json
2016-08-16 telegnomLink in wordpress sidebar added to status.ccc-ffm.de
2016-08-07 telegnomprivate status page and api is now able to display...
2016-08-05 telegnomtemperature and humidity (lounge) added
2016-08-04 telegnombgfix in ui and powermeter added
2016-08-04 telegnombug fixed which lead to crash in thread when not stated...
2016-08-04 telegnombug fixed which overwrote current status on public api
2016-08-03 telegnomfavicons added to status pages
2016-08-03 telegnomadded favicons for all devices by realfavicongenerator.net
2016-08-03 telegnomhintertuer.py - code cleanup
2016-08-02 telegnomsome bugfixes in javascript
2016-08-02 telegnomserver now reloads templates automatically, not only...
2016-08-02 telegnomadded font awesome
2016-08-02 telegnomcolor adjustments in status img to match bootstraps...
2016-08-02 telegnommodified spaceapi urls
2016-08-02 telegnomadded current spaceapi to .gitignore and removed file...
2016-08-02 telegnomlogo now also provided by hintertuer for spaceapi
2016-08-02 telegnomspaceapi andpoint working with status images
2016-08-02 telegnomspaceapi template rewritten
2016-08-02 telegnomrewrite status pages
2016-08-02 telegnomrefactoring of overview page
2016-08-02 telegnompublic overview page added to server
2016-08-02 telegnomadded js libs date.format, justgage and rapael
2016-08-01 telegnomadded stuff for bootstrap
2016-08-01 telegnomcleanup in hintertuer.py
2016-08-01 telegnomignore .idea stuff
2016-07-31 telegnomtimer adjusted to 30 sec default
2016-07-31 telegnomprivate api moved to /p and public in /
2016-07-31 telegnomchanged childtheme to plugin
2016-07-24 telegnomrenamed wptheme to wordpress
2016-07-24 telegnomcreated spaceapi josn, but spaceapi.net seems to be...
2016-07-24 telegnommoved logs into own subfoder
2016-07-24 telegnommoved current status from /hq/hintertuer/status/last...
2016-07-21 telegnomPID File Statement removed from service file
2016-07-21 telegnomadded failure behavior to unitfile
2016-07-21 telegnomtypo in unitfile
2016-07-21 telegnomignoring nohup.out and .plasmoid files
2016-07-21 telegnomhintertuer.py: json.dump to json.dumps, as it isn't...
2016-07-21 telegnomcleanup; old stuff removed and switch to /usr/bin/env...
2016-07-21 telegnomsystemd unitfile for daemon
2016-07-21 telegnomrefresh rate set to 30 seconds
2016-07-21 telegnommerged both server componetes into one threaded process
2016-07-21 telegnomzip files excluded from git
2016-07-19 telegnommade json request in plasmoid async
2016-07-14 telegnomproof of concept for plasmoid
2016-07-14 telegnomchild theme for twentytwelve
2016-07-14 telegnomshared resources for different endpoint
2016-07-14 telegnomminimal working version
2016-07-11 telegnomworking prototype for status website
2016-07-11 telegnommodified .gitignore to exclude certs
2016-07-11 telegnomupdated .gitignore!
2016-07-10 telegnommoved firmware files for ESP to /firmware
2015-11-08 telegnomold files removes, working version 0.1
2015-11-07 telegnomhopefully the working version 0.1
2015-11-07 telegnomMerge branch 'master' of git.ccc-ffm.de:/hintertuer
2015-11-07 telegnomhardware und software
2015-11-06 telegnomRevert "Version 0.1 der Hardware, wie geätzt"
2015-10-01 telegnomsome mor documentation
2015-09-30 telegnomVersion 0.1 der Hardware, wie geätzt
2015-09-06 telegnomfritzing drawing added
2015-09-06 telegnomversion with 3 buttons and 3 leds
2015-09-05 telegnommqtt 3 btn version
2015-09-05 telegnomMerge branch 'master' of chaos.expert:telegnom/hintertuer
2015-09-05 telegnomerster Test mit dem ESP12 und 3 Buttons
2015-08-26 telegnomREADME added
2015-08-26 telegnomerster prototyp