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2016-09-04 telegnomurlencoding entfernt, da nicht noetig master
2016-09-04 telegnomcalendar updated - added urls for events
2016-09-04 telegnomfuckup in location lon/lat corrected and calendar ics... ical&lonlatfuckup
2016-08-23 telegnomcurrent state is taken account of for calculation of...
2016-08-22 telegnomClose Issue#6
2016-08-22 telegnom[server/public] get history only once, onload.
2016-08-22 telegnomcorrected opacity in public status page Issue#8
2016-08-22 telegnomopen/closed ratio for private site
2016-08-22 telegnomshow ratio foropen/closed on public page
2016-08-21 telegnomtypo in api path fixed
2016-08-21 telegnomIssue#7 closed
2016-08-21 telegnomdisplay correct calculated duration on public page
2016-08-21 telegnomstatus history api call implemented
2016-08-17 telegnomrequirements.txt for server added
2016-08-17 telegnomgitinore updadated to exclude config and sublime files
2016-08-17 telegnomprivate template modified to show switch states
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4 years ago ical&lonlatfuckup
4 years ago Issue#8
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